Dhruv Tar 10th March 2023 Written Update: Ayesha catches Tara in Dhruv’s room


The episode starts with Tara waking up at early morning. She comes out under the bed and chants mantra. She tries to wake Vidya up but the latter doesn’t get up. Tara recalls how her brother used to worship Sun despite having hectic day every morning. She says he is an inspiration for her and he will never leave his roots or principles. There Ayesha takes flowers for puja from a lady seller. The lady seller asks her to take Gajra but Ayesha says noone wears it in their house. The lady says Dhruv’s grandparents brought a lady home last night maybe she has been chosen for Dhruv’s marriage. She might wear the gajra. Ayesha gets shocked hearing that and she thinks if the dupatta belongs to that girl. She goes to check. Tara prays to God after taking bath and then again she tries to wake Vidya up.

Vidya sneezes and then Dhruv wakes up. Dhruv and Tara both get shocked seeing each other. Dhruv says what she is doing in his house? She says she didn’t know it’s his house. He tries to wear his shirt when Tara feels awkward but then he is about to slip due to water on floor but Tara holds his hands. His shirt falls on them both and they stare at each other. Ayesha comes in his room and removes the shirt. She asks him who is the girl? What she is doing in his room? Tara says she was looking for him only. Vidya wakes up and gets shocked seeing all of that. Dhruv’s family interrogates Dhruv if he knows Tara. Dhruv says he doesn’t know how she came in his house. Ayesha also questions Dhruv and Jay accuses him saying the latter ruined their family reputation. Sushila gives swear to Dhruv saying he has to tell her the truth if he knows Tara. Dhruv says he first met her on rail track. Sushila starts crying and says maybe Tara was trying to commit suicide and Dhruv saved her. They fell for each other that day. Dhruv tells her not to think rubbish.

Vidya thinks she can’t tell them now Tara is her friend’s daughter. Vidya tells the truth finally that Tara saved her gold chain from a thief thus she brought her home and gave her shelter. Sushila says they made the same mistake years ago and that person was a home breaker and she cant repeat the mistake this time. Sushila says but Tara can’t stay here. Vidya stops her from throwing Tara out. Chaiji says if Tara wants to stay here then she has to give 20 thousand rupees as rent. Vidya says why she is doubling the rate when it’s just 5000. Tara says she doesn’t have money right now. Sushila again tries to throw her out but Tara pleads her saying she is helpless and a person in need might look insane to others but it’s not true. She indicates at Dhruv saying she needs help and thus she is here. Dhruv finally stops Sushila and says Tara can stay here as a cook for their family. She can’t pay rent but can do the household chores. Vidya says that’s a good idea. Chaiji says Tara has to become their maid then. Tara gets surprised at first and Chaiji asks her why she is behaving like a princess.

Vidya says they should not take advantage of Tara’s helplessness. Grandfather asks her to calm down and Chaiji says Tara is free to leave if she has any problem. Tara says she is ready to stay as a maid in this house and will do the household chores. She thinks she will convince Dhruv to take him to Vallavgarh to treat his brother. She has to be quite for that reason.

Precap- Tara prays to God how she can take Dhruv to Mahaveer. Sushila requests Dhruv to stay away from Tara else she might snatch him from his mother. She lost her husband but can’t lose her son.