Parineetii 10th March 2023 Written Update: Neeti spoils Parineet’s Prasad for Satyanarayana pooja


The episode starts with Neeti asking Parineet to help Rajeev to apply the ointment. Parineet applied the ointment to his wound. Neeti hurts to see them together and lies to him that she is sleepy. Later, Chandrika argues with Amith for not listening to her. Amith says to her that he has to attend an important meeting. Chandrika says that she isn’t able to tolerate her whenever his mom mentions her as Bangali.

Amit tries to convince her but she argues with him. Rajeev asks them to stop arguing. Monty comes there. Rajeev scolds him for playing in the house. Chandrika asks Parineet not to take Gurinder’s words to her heart. Monty says that she threw words at her. She shouldn’t have taunted her like that. Rajeev says that he isn’t bold enough to say it in front of Gurinder. Rajeev notices Neeti there. Parineet shows Arathi to her and leaves. Rajeev asks Neeti to say if she needs anything? She avoids him.

Meanwhile, Neeti notices Bebe and tries to avoid her. She scolds her for trying to hurt Parineet. She adds that both Neeti and Bebe failed miserably. Bebe says that she was the one who saved her. Neeti says that she saved her and will do it. She is feeling the pain instead of Parineet. She adds that she doesn’t like to hear her name. She fears that Sanju may fall for her. Parminder comes there and searches for Parineet.

Neeti gets hurt to see Parminder and asks Parineet to prepare the prasad for the Satyanarayana pooja. Neeti says to her that she will prepare it. Parminder says that her hand got hurt. Parineet knows how to prepare it. Bebe says to Neeti that she was taking a stand for Parineet. But everyone gave her position to Parineet. She is staying here for name sake. They are saying that Parineet is able to do anything but not Neeti. She manipulates her against Parineet.

Neeti says that everyone likes Parineet here. She doesn’t have any value here. Sanju supports her when mom scolds her. Bebe says to her, let’s ruin her prasad. She will be punished for ruining the prasad. Neeti tells her it’s wrong to play with God’s things. Bebe says that she became her sautan. It’s also wrong.

Parineet comes there to prepare the prasad. Bebe tells her that someone added garlic to the prasad. Parineet tells her it’s a sin. Neeti hears it. Bebe asks her not to forget to turn off the gas or else she will burn the Prasad like the way she burnt food. Later, Gurinder asks Rajeev to attend the pooja in the evening.

Neeti recalls Bebe’s words and glares at Parineet. Bebe tries to manipulate Neeti. She says to her that Neeti doesn’t know how to cook tasty food like Parineet. Neeti says that she may not know how to cook but she will ruin Parineet’s Prasad. When everyone blames Parineet for it, she will bring the prasad which she prepared. Everyone will understand who the real daughter is. Neeti adds that she won’t allow Parineet to beat her this time.

Parineet confirms whether she turns off the gas or not, then leaves from there. Neeti adds the garlic to the prasad. She tries to place it back. Bebe says to her it’s important to keep it here, then we will be able to prove that Parineet added garlic to the prasad intentionally. Parineet comes there and says to Neeti that the priest has arrived. Family members might attend this pooja because they are conducting this pooja for the family happiness. Parminder asks Neeti and Parineet to sit together to attend the pooja. Bebe asks Pariminder why she is changing the rituals. Husband and wife might sit together. Parminder says to her that Parineet is carrying Sanju’s baby. She might sit with them for baby’s sake. Rajeev sits beside Parineet.

Episode ends

Precap; Parminder will say to Neeti that Parineet is a matured one, unlike a fool like Neeti. Gurinder will agree with Parminder’s words. She will add that Parineet was going to release Rajeev from jail, not her. Neeti will lash out at the inspector. Parineet will ask Neeti to shut up and leave from there. Rajeev will demand Neeti to leave.