Dhruv Tara 7th March 2023 Written Update: Tara gets punished by the King for breaking the rules


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The episode starts with Tara talking to Kanha ji that she will show her devotion towards him but in return she wants assurance from him that her brother will be alright. One maid comes to Tara and gives her a message from her mother Saraswati. Tara reads it in private which states Saraswati wants to meet her. Tara calls Anusia immediately and says she wants to meet her mother. Her mother will tell her the remedy to cure Mahaveer. Anusia stops her saying Saraswati got punishment so Tara should not break the law by meeting her. Samrat learns from a maid that Tara is passionate about her dream to become a Vaidya. Also she went to meet her mother right now. Samrat gives the maid a reward for giving him the news.

Tara goes to Saraswati and the latter asks her to stay away from her. Saraswati says she didn’t expect this behaviour from Tara. Before fighting the battle she is blaming God. She accepted her defeat already. Tara says she can go to any extent to save her brother. Saraswati sets the place on fire and asks Tara to cross it to come near her if she wants to save her brother. There Samrat informs King that Tara went to meet her mother. King says he won’t tolerate Tara breaking the rules. He orders Samrat to bring both Tara and Saraswati in front of him.

Before Tara could step on the fire Saraswati saves her and she gets impressed by Tara’s act and she says she knows only Tara can save Mahaveer from the disease. Saraswati explains the remedy to cure brain tumor is only available in the different world where advance treatment has been introduced. Saraswati says she never loved anyone else except king. She got stuck in the Nabrang Forest due to heavy storm that night but she was misunderstood by others. She shows some new generation stuffs to Tara and the latter gets amazed seeing them. Samrat arrives with his soldiers and Tara asks Saraswati to tell her the path to reach the new generation soon else they will get caught. Saraswati says only through Nabrang forest she can go there.

Tara gets caught by Samrat. She says they should not dare to touch her. Samrat says it’s King’s order to catch Tara. Tara gets scolded by the King for breaking the rules and trying to contact her betrayer mother. Tara says her mother is not characterless. King shuts her up saying her act is punishable. Samrat lies to him that Tara wanted to treat her mother by giving her medicines. She has a secret place where she hid all the herbs and medicines. She is a Vaidya. King gets shocked to know that and asks her if it’s true? Tara says she wants to give relief to poor people, this is a noble thing to do. Samrat adds she even treated his wound and touched her. Tara says it’s false and she never did that. Samrat pretends like she is hiding the matter. Priest says it’s a sin and as a solution he suggests Samrat to get married to Tara.

King scolds Tara and declares her wedding with Samrat tomorrow. Tara gets disheartened and there Samrat asks his spy to keep eyes on her. Tara self talks that she has to go to the Nabrang Forest to save her brother. Her alter ego tells her not to commit the mistake else she has no guarantee if she will get the remedy in the different world surely or not. Noone will be ready to come with her in the ancient times. There Dhruv is informed that one patient is critical and he needs to come to hospital to operate immediately. Dhruv runs at full speed and crosses the traffic. He reaches on time to operate the patient. Nurses get surprised seeing his sincerity. There Tara believes she will get a good person over there who will help her to save Mahaveer.

Precap- Samrat loses his calm seeing Anusia in Tara’s place during wedding. He catches Tara in the forest and the latter enters the different generation through magical power.

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