Dil Diyaan Gallaan 17th March 2023 Written Update: Maan agrees to help Dilpreet save his house


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The episode starts with Dilpreet taunting Sanjot for disobeying him all the time and opening Maan’s room. She hurts him everytime shamelessly. He shouts at her and Astha gets shocked. Ria asks Veer that if he is really leaving for Australia today? He says yes and he convinced Dilpreet as well. He has no choice as their house is at stake and he will be back to India soon. He won’t stay in abroad forever.

Ria prays to God for a miracle so that Veer stops. Maan suddenly realises his mistake while going in car. He says Amrita is right and he cant snatch shelter from his parents and he and Randeep have memories there too. He gets teary and says he cant understand how will he convince Dilpreet to take his help. Amrita says she has a plan for that. Maan asks her what is that which will not hurt Dilpreet’s ego.

Dilpreet scolds Sanjot for opening the door continuously. He allowed her last time because he felt she is sad as Maan is leaving without meeting his mother. He allowed her to cry in her son’s room but then when everything is over then what’s the need to open the door now. He keeps shouting and Astha interrupts.

Dilpreet stops her saying it’s their family matter and she should not speak. Adi enters the room in intoxicated state and starts creating scene. He mocks Darji for his anger. Darji glares at him and tells everyone to leave the room. Dilpreet also taunts Astha. He breaks the key of the room and says now noone can enter Maan’s room. Sanjot asks Dilpreet why he is behaving rudely with Astha. She is not at fault. He should vent out his anger on his wife not on his daughter in law.

Dilpreet says he didn’t tell Astha to leave. Astha is about to leave but he stops her saying he respects her as she is a great doctor. She made him happy by saving the baby that day. He says he won’t punish her for Maan’s fault. Astha gets emotional hearing that and takes his blessings. Nimrit gets jealous seeing them. Dilpreet welcomes Astha in the house and Astha says she wants to feed Dilpreet the sweet dish she made.

Nimrit smirks thinking now Dilpreet will taste salt instead of sweet. But much to her shock Dilpreet likes Astha’s sweet. Randeep questions Nimrit later why she wanted to ruin Astha’s sweet. If she has become like a serial vamp. Nimrit says they are losing everything because of Maan and Dilpreet praises Maan and his wife too much not her or Randeep. Nimrit says Randeep couldn’t do anything in life just because of Maan. They are like second grade citizen in the house because of Maan.

Maan and Amrita overhear her talk and Nimrit realises their presence. Maan says he is okay with such taunts about himself. He shares the plan with Nimrit and Randeep to put them in Dilpreet’s good book. He says he will help Dilpreet by giving money and Randeep will lie to him that he arranged it not Maan. Randeep asks him why he is doing favour on them.

Nimrit says what if he has another plan behind it. Why would they trust him? Maan says he only shared the plan with them then why would he outsmart them. Randeep gets ready and thanks Maan for his idea. Maan says no matter how angry Dilpreet is but he is his father so it’s his duty to help him. Maan asks about Astha to Randeep and he says Dilpreet liked her Shrikhand and welcomed her happily. He requests Maan to go inside but the latter says no. He thinks he is the unlucky one who can’t even join his family after coming to doorstep.

Precap- Astha gets kidnapped by some goons and Randeep learns from Nimrit about it. Maan gets shocked as well.

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