Faltu 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Faltu enters the Mittal house again!

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Episode begins with Faltu seeing a video of making noodles. Faltu thinks I never knew cooking can be so difficult, if they don’t like my food then I will get rejected. Pratibha comes to Faltu and says my brother told me about you, I am happy you will stay with us. Pratibha’s husband comes and he is drunk. He sees Faltu and says you are that girl of cricket coaching, I think you should leave for village, women are better inside house. He leaves. Pratibha apologizes on behalf of her husband. Faltu says no issues.

Faltu thinks I will take revenge for each and everything I have been wrongfully blamed for. here, Savita asks Tanisha if they met the counsellor. Tanisha says we are jusy going inside Here, Dadi is asking Amar if he found any cook and if any village people can make the food they like. Amar says let’s see. Savita says I can cook everyone says no. Kinshuk says I was also looking for cooks online but found none. Here, Tanisha and Ayaan come inside to the counsellor and he starts the session.

Faltu comes to Amar’s friend, Faltu says I know a male cook who cooks so well. The lady says but how can a guy cook. Faltu says in hotels also cooks are male so you can try. The lady says okay send him tomorrow to Mittal house for interview, what’s his name? Faltu thinks and sees a poster. Faltu says Rocky. The lady leaves. Faltu explains her plan to her friends and asks them how van she become Rocky. They all start thinking. The counselling gets over and Ayaan goes out. Ayaan asks someone to give every update on Vishal as he is still in academy. Tanisha hears this and gets sad. Sid and Sumitra think to viral the confession video. Sid says this is the only copy of this video in this pendrive. Sid puts the pendrive into the laptop and sees it to be corrupted. Sid gets angry and says now how will we bring Faltu into this house? Sumitra tries to calm him. Tanisha informs Kanika about Faltu leaving to village and how Ayaan is after Vishal. Kanika says it’s good Faltu went and don’t worry about Vishal as she has taken care of him. Kanika asks Tanisha to take care of the counselling as it makes up many relationships and hers is still new.

Faltu’s friends bring some wigs and items for Faltu to get ready as Rocky. Vishal reaches the place Kanika arranged for her and calls her. Vishal says you have kept me in a hospital. Kanika says it’s matter of few days and for your safety. Next day, the cooking competition starts and Suhana vlogs about it. All the family members tell about their expectations and then the cooking competition starts. All the participants come and one of them is vet stylish so Mittals think cooks can come like this as well. Finally, Rocky is introduced. He is late but finally reaches and introduces himself.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ayaan tastes the cooking of all participants.

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