Faltu 4th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu finds the main culprit!


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Episode begins with Ayaan comes to Rocky and say you look small but you cook well. Rocky says you can praise my food but not criticise my height. Dadi says your job is final but don’t make any average tasting food not even a day okay. Rocky says yes. Savita says start from today and we will arrange a room for you. Ayaan says you talk also good like you make food. Savita says your salary will be 30 thousand per month. Rocky says okay. Later, Rocky is being told by everyone what they like and what they don’t. It is a chaos so Rocky silents everyone and asks them to write it down and give her. Everyone says her? Girl?

Rocky says you guys made me so confused that I said her. Everyone laughs. Rocky says before starting to cook, I need to pray to Hanuman ji as he is my driving force. Savita says yes yes. Rocky starts to go to his room when Savita says how do you know where is your room? Rocky says I was going to hall as all rooms must have their way through the hall, I am telling you that I won’t sleep in the kitchen. Savita says yes yes you will have a room, also for the evening Tanisha has some surprises planned so be on time, there will be so much work. Rocky says okay. Rocky thinks thank god I got saved just on time.

Ayaan gets upset and angry on Tanisha for throwing a party in the evening as he is not in the mood for catering people. Tanisha says I was just following what the counsellor asked me. Ayaan says but I am not in that state of mind why can’t you understand? Tanisha says it’s not that I planned a honeymoon, it is just our family, you can just hold my hand and talk nicely, is that so difficult? Ayaan thinks how to tell you that I tried so much to love you but I am unable to have any feelings for you as I love Faltu. Aayan thinks of all the moments with Faltu. Ayaan forcefully agrees for the party.

Rocky is shown his room which is Ayaan’s old room. Amar says we wil shift you to another room soon, it is Ayaan’s old room where he practiced cricket. Amar goes while Rocky sees the bat and room and he imagines Ayaan practicing. Rocky feels emotional and thinks that I will soon start following my dream as cricketer, I will clear the allegations put on my name and play again soon, till the time I am here to find culprit and then I will fulfill Ayaan’s dream for me.

Rocky closes the door and removes the moustache and wig. Faltu is about to go to bath when Ayaan knocks on the door anxiously and says open the door Rocky. Faltu gets scared and talks like Rocky saying I am going to bath I will open up in a while. Ayaan says no open it now or I will break the door and dare not touch my things. Rocky says I am not touching anything. Rocky says give me sometime I am wearing clothes. Rocky takes time to put the wig and all so Ayaan gets anxious. Amar comes and says Savita asked me to give this room to Rocky. Rocky finally opens the door when Ayaan checks the room and says don’t touch my stuff. Rocky says why will I? I already have my cooking items.

Rocky asks Ayaan if he plays cricket. Ayaan remembers how he promised Janardhan that he won’t play cricket ever. Ayaan leaves and says have we met anywhere before? Rocky says I am famous you might have seen me in some posters or interviews. Ayaan leaves. Rocky thinks I have to hurry in finding the culprit or I will be caught. Rocky locks the door. Kanika is talking to Vishal outside so Rocky hears this from balcony and jumps from the balcony to follow her. Rocky follows her and reaches a open cafe. Here, Janardhan scolds everyone for not taking any identity proof from Rocky as crimes are happening and everyone should be alert. Janardhan asks Amar to call Rocky.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ayaan asks Rocky how his hands are so smooth like a girl.

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