Dheere Dheere Se 4th March 2023 Written Update: Brij Mohan hurts Bhawana


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The episode starts with Raghav tells that he didn’t said anything to Bhawana. Gaurav asks then why she is looking for a house. He is sure someone must have told something to her. Swati enters the room just then and tells them she didn’t said anything to Bhawana at all when they both looks at her. Gaurav shares his suspicious about the broker Anupam. Raghav calls Rajesh to know about Anupam and gets shocked learning he is a fraud.

Other side Bhawana tells Aanchal she couldn’t able to find the lawyer and she don’t want to lose the house so she will go and pay the deposit amount and asks her to not to worry she will manage everything then leaves. Savita sees Bhawana and inquires her where she is going. Bhawana tells her she finds the new house and will vacate their house the next day. Brij Mohan asks Bhawana to not to return to them when she faces any problems. Savita gets shocked. Bhawana gets hurt and leaves the place. Raghav rushes to stop Bhawana from becoming victim to the scam.

Raghav learns from Aanchal that Bhawana went to give deposit amount to the new house. He informs Aanchal the house isn’t a good one for them then calls Bhawana but notices Bhawana left it in the house. Aanchal gives Bhawana’s phone password to Raghav along with the phone. Raghav promises to Aanchal to stop Bhawana then leaves. Bhawana meets Anupam and asks him to show agreement papers before she gives deposit. She also tells she wants to show the agreement to her lawyer. Anupam agrees. Raghav reaches Anupam’s office but finds no one is there so he calls Anupam. Anupam sees the call and thinks he has to use this opportunity to make Bhawana pay the deposit amount. A man arrives and tells Anupam he wants the house which Bhawana is about to pay deposit. Bhawana gets shocked and says Anupam that she will sign the agreement and pay the deposit now itself then signs the agreement.

Raghav learns about Anupam’s address and rushes there. He arrives there and stops Bhawana from paying the deposit amount. Bhawana gets confused and asks what is he doing. Anupam shouts at Raghav. Raghav pours water on the agreement papers. Aanchal prays God to save her mother from the scam. Bhawana slaps Anupam and scolds him for trying to fool her then leaves with Raghav. On their way back to home Bhawana blames herself for keeps on falling to the scams. Raghav advices through mistakes only they can learn lessons. He then apologises to her for hiding Brij Mohan’s demand and tells her he will talk to him to extend her stay. Bhawana recalls Brij Mohan’s words and tells Raghav she will leave the house the next day itself.

Bhanu gives sweets to his family members and expresses his happiness of getting rid off the allegations. Malini refuses to have sweet and tells she wants to take her revenge on Bhawana by humiliating her infront of everyone. Bhanu stops her and tells that they have to wait and ruin Bhawana by not letting her get the Barsati. Malini gets happy. Raghav learns Bhawana didn’t get any lawyer yet for her Barsati case. Later Swati advices Raghav to find the root of Bhawana’s problem then her suffering may comes to an end then leaves. Bhawana worries what to do next as she feels all the doors are closed. She then gets surprised finding herself made Om instead of her actual designs in her mind. She seeks God’s help. Raghav realises Barsati is the root cause of Bhawana’s problems and gets determined to help her.

Precap: Brij Mohan, Bhanu and Bhawana enters the court room. The judge asks Bhawana where her lawyer is. Bhawana remains silent. The judge says they don’t have time for her anymore. Raghav arrives there and introduces himself as Bhawana’s lawyer shocking Brij Mohan.

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