Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th March 2023 Written Update: Virat upsets Pakhi again


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vinayak receiving Savi’s message that they missed him at the dinner and they will get him food. He sees a photo sent by Savi and gets upset. Pakhi comes there with pizza and asks why he looks upset. She asks if he is feeling bad that his dad went to the hotel with Savi, not with him. She says don’t worry, mom has made a delicious pizza for you so taste it and tell whether mom’s pizza is best or hotel one. Vinayak says your handmade pizza will be good but I like to go to a restaurant with you and dad. He asks her to see how Savi enjoying with Sai and Virat. Pakhi gets upset seeing the photo. She says previously we are his family but now Savi and Sai are his other family but you have your mom and she made pizza for you so taste it and tomorrow is holi so let others do whatever they want but we two are a family. Bhavani comes there and warns Pakhi to not poison Vinayak’s mind. Pakhi asks what is wrong with her words. Bhavani says you’re trying to tell him that Virat is creating another family and Vinayak is not important to him. She asks Pakhi to end negativity and says holi will be celebrated in her way with everyone. Vinayak says he will celebrate with Pakhi and leaves. Bhavani warns Pakhi to not create any problems in holi as I’m going to celebrate this holi with my grandchildren. She asks Pakhi to do arrangements for Holi and leaves. Pakhi thinks no one can separate Vinayak from her.

The next Bhavani and kids place logs for holika dahan. Bhavani asks the kids to get ready for Holika Dahan. Kids run to get ready. Bhavani sees Sai is making rangoli. Bhavani tells glad you’re feeling part of the family and placing rangoli. Sai says she will leave the house after removing hate from Vinayak’s heart and you informed truth to Savi to take revenge on me but it happened for good and sew how I will take my son from here. Bhavani smiles and says Rangoli is here. While leaving she thinks she won’t let Sai and her grandchildren leaving from there.

Pakhi spoils Sai’s rangoli. Sai asks what’s she doing. Pakhi says it’s my house and I will do the rituals, not you and you’re trying to replace me. Pakhi tries to do new Rangoli. Sai says you’re accusing me but the actual culprit is you. Pakhi can’t make rangoli. Sai seeing this says to Pakhi that people who destroy other things couldn’t make anything as they also have a fear that someone might destroy the things they make. Sai goes inside.

Savi gets ready. She asks Sai how is she looking. Sai says you’re looking beautiful. Savi asks Sai to wear a saree gifted by Virat. Sai denies. Savi says she won’t play holi with her family and won’t eat food prepared by her. She removes the band from her hair and sits in anger.

Everyone gets ready. Ladies praise each other look. Sonali asks Ashwini to tell who’s looking beautiful. Pakhi comes there wearing a traditional saree. Everyone gets impressed seeing her. Ashwini says I feel everyone got their answer. Everyone agrees and says Pakhi is looking more beautiful. Ashwini says I told you right Pakhi you will be best. Pakhi says she failed to attract her husband. Ninad asks Virat to compliment his wife and tells him that wives get ready for their husbands. Virat thinks about Sai. Virat goes to Pakhi and tells her that she is looking beautiful. Everyone likes. Then his attention shifts to Sai who’s coming in the saree gifted by him. Pakhi sees Sai’s coming and gets upset seeing how Virat is lost in Sai. Karishma says to Ashwini that she is wrong as Sai is also looking beautiful. Bhavani says Sai is looking beautiful than others and its truth.

Episode ends.

Precap – Virat says to Sai that she is under arrest as she didn’t apply colour to her husband on the day of Holi. Sai asks Virat if he is mad?

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