Ishqbaaz 10th March 2019 Upcoming Story: Ishqbaaz Final twist leading to its closure.

Ishqbaaz 10th March 2019 Upcoming Story on

Shivaansh starts going good in his life post his recovery. He is happy to find true love in Mannat and He thinks of making a confession to Mannat, after realizing that he is madly in love with his wife. He wishes that she also accepts his love and He is not afraid of any rejection after sensing that she likes him. Shivaansh makes a plan to make a grand love confession to her. A shocker comes in his way when Sahil informs him that Police has caught Varun’s murderer. Shivaansh rushes with Sahil to get to know the murderer’s identity. Shivaansh and Mannat get a huge shock when Sahil reveals that Mannat’s father is the real culprit, Mannat’s father Pramod gets framed for Varun’s murder. Shivaansh and Mannat’s relation start to suffer by the revelation of this shocking truth. Mannat decides to leave Oberoi mansion and hence Shivaansh and Mannat will get distanced.

The misunderstandings grow rapidly and their relation starts to ruin again. Mannat apologizes to the family and tells them that she will always be missing them. She sheds tears while returning the keys and responsibility of the house to Nani. Sahil has tried to cropp the misunderstandings in between Shivaansh and Mannat. He tries to test their love by making them part ways.

Sahil blames Mannat and her dad for Varun’s murder,  Mannat believes that Shivaansh will not believe her now, since all the evidence is against her dad. Mannat’s dad pleads to them and tells Mannat that he really did the murder and he is ready to bear the punishment. Mannat cries and tries to get her dad freed from the police and the frame of murder. She asks her dad not to take the blame and speak the truth fiercely. She tells Nani that she isn’t involved in anything and She has to free her dad from the wrong accusations. Mannat wants to know why is her dad taking the blame of murder. Sahil will be soon be exposed by Mannat and She will prove her dad’s innocence and also fix her broken relationship with Shivaansh. The show will soon have its closure this week, with Shivaansh and Mannat’s union and Sahil’s bitter intentions revealed.

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