Kaamnaa 14th June 2022 Written Update: Yadhu pleads for a favor from Sakshi.


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The episode starts with Holkar asking Manav’s hand for Niharika. Manav gets shocked and doesn’t know what to answer. Sakshi comes there calling them for dinner. Holkar says they would be there in sometime and Sakshi leaves. She is sure that Holkar was talking about Manav and Niharika’s relationship. Manav says that he’s not ready for another marriage and he thinks Niharika also thinks the same. He saud that now they both work together to make Holkar Industries bounce back and assures to be with Niharika’s friend forever in her life.

Holkar leaves the decision in Manav’s hand. Manav helps Sakshi who’s about to fall down and teases her. Manav strokes and Sakshi helps him and teases him back. Manav asks Why’s she doing all the work when there are so many servants at home. Sakshi says she loves to do things for her loved ones. Manav leaves teasing her.

Akanksha is getting in auto when Leena comes there. She mocks Akanksha for going in auto and asks if Vaibhav disposed her off like his other girlfriends. Akanksha lies that it’s not and says that the road is too small to drive her car. When they doesn’t believe it she lies that she wanted to live the life of them for fun. They leave mocking her. Akanksha gets irked. She comes to Holkar Mansion and pleads security to let her in. Rane cokes there and Akanksha pleads him too. Akanksha asks him to let her in only once and Rane agrees. He takes her to Vaibhav’s place and Akanksha calls Vaibhav. He cuts the call and texts that he’s with Niharika.

Akanksha gets furious and barges into his room. He asks him to give money as she don’t have money to even pay rent. Vaibhav asks her to go back fo her mother’s house to save hotel expense but Akanksha says it’s not possible. She says about everything ruined between her and her mother. Vaibhav says he can’t give her money as he himself doesn’t have any. Akanksha leaves giving him a rupee to him and insulting him.

Niharika calls Vaibhav and says that it was her who let Akanksha enter to let her witness his real worth. She mocks that he’s just a ruined person and asks him to check his own clicking his selfie and cuts the call. Vaibhav looks at the rupee and thinks that Niharika thinks herself to be a strong one but she’s someone who craves for love. He mocks her for trusting him and says she would soon be ruined. Yadhu plays a game with Sakshi and other workers by identifying them by touching their hands. When he touches Sakshi’s hand he calls her his mother and asks whether she would become his mother. Sakshi says he csn call her Sakshi Mumma but don’t know what future has in store for her. Akanksha witness it all and fumes that after Niharika stealing her dreams, Sakshi is stealing away her son from her. She decides to not let it happen.

Akanksha is on road and thinks of all that happened. She says that everything got stolen from her but she doesn’t want to lose her son. She calls Vaibhav but he cuts her call. Akanksha gets frustrated. Hotel manager calls Akanksha to pay the bill to extend her stay. Akanksha asks for time but they doesn’t agree. Akanksha agrees to pay and takes the bracelet which is the only thing left with her. She gives it to Manager who says that they only accept online transactions, cash and card. He mocks that it’s not a jewel loan shop. Niharika is struggling with her word due to the messy records and Manav promises to organise it for her. Niharika burns her finger in tea and Manav aids her. Sakshi gets jealous seeing it.

Precap : Akanksha will fight with Manav while Manav will mock her for not making relations without benefits. Sakshi will cry and say Malti that she won’t reveal her feelings to Manav unless and until he comes to her opening up his feelings for her.

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