Kaamnaa 29th June 2022 Written Update: Vaibhav brainwashes Akanksha to get back with Manav.


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The episode starts with Ala holding Manav’s hand but Manav takes it away saying that she left the hand already. He says there’s no way she could hold it again. He says that there’s no chance for him to get back with her as she cheated on him. He says that there’s no way he would forgive her. Akanksha asks him to recall their happy moments they spent together.

 Manav says that they are not happy but the most sad memories as of now. He leaves saying that there’s no place for her in his life anymore. Yadhu is sleeping beside Sakshi when Malti comes there. She asks whether Yadhu slept and Sakshi says yes. She says that Manav has to care Niharika and has feelings for his first love Akanksha. She asks what’s her place in his life anymore. Malti asks her not to think so but Sakshi says that it doesn’t work out as she holds no place in Manav’s life.

Niharika recalls whatever happened. She recalls asking Manav’s help to act like they are in love and make Vaibhav jealous. Manav at first didn’t agree but Niharika pleaded him saying that she wanted to get revenge on Vaibhav which is why she got him out of jail. Manav agreed for Niharika. Akanksha says Swati that Manav still really cares for her and loves.

Swati says it may be true but asks what about Yadhu. She says that Yadhu hates her and doesn’t want her anywhere near Manav. Akanksha blames Sakshi for it who brainwashed Yadhu against her. She says that Sakshi and Niharika wants to take her place in Manav’s life but Manav still loves her which is why he never thought about second marriage ever. Swati recalls Yadhu asking her to get Sakshi married to Manav.

Manav comes home and Sakshi jokes with him and asks him to have food. Manav at first refuses but Sakshi convinced him and fed him. Manav regrets for showing off to people by taking stand for Akanksha. He regrets his good nature. Sakshi says that it’s clear that Akanksha wants to be back in his life but the thing is whether he too wants to get back with her. Manav says not even in his dreams and Sakshi asks him to answer not thinking about anyone or anything but just hie feelings. She adds that if Manav gives another chance to Akanksha then it would be injustice for Yadhu

Niharika calls Manav asking if he’s fine. Manav says he was feeling down but said someone lifted up his mood referring to Sakshi. Niharika cuts the call after confirming his well being. Manav says that she’s his friend who supports and stands by him in all his sadness and happiness. Sakshi smiles at him.

Niharika sees Vaibhav overhearing their conversation and pretends speaking with love to Manav. Unfortunately Holkar also sees it and gets happy while Vaibhav fumes. Vaibhav think that he can’t let Manav snatch his valuable owner from him and plans something. Akanksha is sleeping and dreaming of getting married to Manav when Vaibhav calls her. He says that he wants to talk with her about getting her united with Manav again and calls her in private.

 Akanksha comes there and Vaibhav brainwashes her to believe that Manav still loves her which is why he took stand for her. He asks her to try all possible ways to get together with Manav. Akanksha happily agrees and leaves while Vaibhav thinks Manav is going to stuck badly as the lady is not someone who would leave someone’s back so easily.

Precap ‘ Yadhu will introduce Sakshi to Akanksha as his new mother. Akanksha will challenge Sakshi that she will enter into the house and Manav’s and Yadhu’s life back. Sakshi will also challenge her that she will never let her trouble Manav or Yadhu again.

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