Meet 30th June 2022 Written Update: Hosiyar and Meet Ahlawat keep an eye on Manjiri


Meet 30th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat and Hosiyar looking at Manjiri. Meet can’t get his eyes off from her and Hosiyar says if this is allowed in hatred. Meet Ahlawat says he is just noticing how she can change her colors within seconds. Manjiri finishes her Puja and then she starts talking to Manushi over video call. Meet Ahlawat notices that says he was right about her. Manushi and Meet are now partners and supporting each other in this game. Manjiri wears make up and finishes it beautifully. She feels proud of herself and Hosiyar she cant be Meet as Meet was never interested in doing make up.

Manjiri notices the bulb is not working properly. She thinks what to do and Meet Ahlawat tells Hosiyar that now if she is Meet then she will try to fix the bulb on her own and if she is not Meet she will call an electrician. Manjiri asks the bulb what’s wrong with it, why it can’t work properly. She then brings a stool and Meet Ahlawat thinks now she will fix it maybe. She stands on it and watches YouTube video to see how to hold the bulb to avoid getting electrocuted. One should wear sandals, one should not hold the bulb directly etc. Hosiyar tells Meet Ahlawat that she is not Meet as she is watching YouTube video to just fix a bulb. Manjiri somehow makes the bulb work again by holding it using her dupatta and pats her back.

One lady talks to some local thugs and introduces herself as Popatrani. She engages into gambling and tells them to give hundred rupees each. She does betting and says if she loses she will return two hundred rupees to each one of them. They trust her and she takes all their money by cheating them with the help of one guy. She then runs away and they chase her and tell her to play another round again. She distracts them by calling police and disappears. Popatrani enters Manjiri’s house and hides inside the room with the money. Manjiri tells her to stop all these illegal activities but the latter doesn’t listen to her. Those men find a card and barge into Manjiri’s house to search for Popatrani. Manjiri says she doesn’t stay here but she has one old grandmother. Popatrani comes to them after turning into an old woman and fools them with her acting. They leave thinking she is not lying.

Ram, Lakhan and Duggu talk about Meet Hooda and say that they should meet her once. They don’t believe she is not Meet. They decide to meet her once and Babita hears their plan. She says she will also accompany them. She thinks she will not obey Meet Ahlawat as she can’t wait to see Meet. Hosiyar tells Meet Ahlawat that how come Meet is doing all these illegal things. Meet Ahlawat says that’s not unexpected but one cheater is supporting another cheater and Meet is doing the same.

Episode ends

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