Pushpa Impossible 29th June 2022 Written Update: Pushpa stands firm in her decision.


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The episode starts with Pushpa saying that she’s going to school and not any wrong places that they’ve to be ashamed. She asks what’s wrong if she wants to study at this age. Ashwin tries saying something but Pushpa stops him saying that they say that they are ashamed of her being uneducated but at the same time they are ashamed when she wants to study. She asks them to decide among themselves what’s more embarrassing – her being uneducated or her trying to get educated.

Bapodhara steps in and asks if she thought that it’s easy to study these days and insults her. Chirag gets angry hearing him. Susheela says that she doesn’t agree with anything Bapodhara says but this time he’s right. Mahendar also says Pushpa that it’s not easy for her to Crack the exams in today’s generation. Deepti keeps calling Ashwin and gets angry that he doesn’t pick up. Bapodhara mocks Pushpa and writes a taunting quote on board.

Chirag gets angry seeing Bapodhara insulting his mother and lashes out at him. Pushpa says that there’s always I’m possible inside impossible and says that she’s just wants to prove to people like her that they are also capable of doing anything. She gives examples of Neelima who gets abused by her husband on daily basis and another girl who couldn’t find a decent job as she didn’t pass mere 10th standard.

She says their life would’ve been better if they’ve studied and managed to stand on their own feet. She says that she would definitely go to school and whoever wants to feel ashamed of can feel ashamed and whoever wants to laugh can laugh. Pushpa’s friend supports her and agrees to be her tutor. Neelima and others also joins hands with Pushpa. She says that she can do anything when she’s alone and now she has so many people by her side and csn definitely succeed. Saying so she leaves.

Deepti’s parent finds Deepti still unable to contact Ashwin and asks her to call Chirag. She says he Aldo doesn’t pick up. The children comes home and discuss about how to solve the issue. Rashi is still fuming. Deepti calls Chirag and Chirag informs about Deepti’s numerous missed calls. Ashwin just then gets reminded of party and calls Deepti. Deepti starts lashing him out but Ashwin cuts her off and says about the situation at home.

Deepti gets shocked hearing it. Pushpa is with Kaku and says that she said right and the bomb first blasted at her house. Kaku encourages her to work forward towards her dream and she can’t keep everyone happy. Pushpa is scared to lose her loved one but Kaku says her loved ones always love her. Sonali and Manish were shocked about Pushpa’s problem. Though they don’t find it wrong but are worried about the kid’s reactions. Sonali blames her for not taking her kids mentality to consideration.

Chirag and Ashwin are discussing about the days incident. Though they are still confused about Pushpa’s decision. Ashwin wonders how will Rashi react if Pushpa gets admission in school. Chirag says there’s no if but certainty when it comes to Pushpa. However Ashwin upset with Sonali for her misbehavior. Chirag is also angry at Bapodhara for mocking his mother and decides to teach him a lesson.

Rashi comes out getting ready loo. She sees Bapodhara’s quote and starts wiping it off. Prarthana apologizes her in the place of her father. Pushpa self motivates herself and says Ashwin and Chirag waits and watches while she gets rowdy to sleep. Rashi prays to God to not let Pushpa join her school. Pushpa also prays for her presentation to go well. She takes blessings from Chirag and Ashwin and goes out.

Precap : Pushpa will be having snacks in school. Rashi will see it ahd gets pissed off. Ashutosh will say Pushpa that it’s a tie and there’s equal amount of support and opposition for her to join school. He will add that he has called Saran Sir to vote the deciding vote and now everything depends on them.

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