Kaamnaa 4th July 2022 Written Update: Yadhu encourages Manav to propose Sakshi.


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The episode starts with Swati visiting Manav’s House and Yadhu greets her. Everyone welcomes her. Swati says Manav that she wants to talk to him in private. Manav agrees with her and takes her in. Sakshi is worried whether Akanksha sent Swati to speak with Manav recalling her challenge. Swati says Manav that she can understand that he really loves and cares Yadhu but also says that no matter what a child needs his mother.

 Manav agrees with her and recalls Sakshi but Swati thinks he is talking about Akanksha and thinks he still has feelings for her. Sakshi intervenes and says that no one could care for Yadhu as much as Manav does and praises his upbringing. Swati agrees with her but is still not convinced.

Manav gets Niharika’s call who teases him with Sakshi. Everyone having food on dining table at Holkar mansion. Yadhu calls Ayesha and says that Manav agreed for second marriage. Ayesha shouts the same in excitement and both Holkar and Vaibhav notices Niharika chatting with Manav in phone. They both think Manav and Niharika could end up together.

Manav also doesn’t say about his liking in open as Sakshi was in front of him which lead to Swati misunderstanding Manav’s words. Holkar says Niharika that Manav has moved on and asks about her. Niharika couldn’t answer it. Malti asks Sakshi about Manav and wonders whether Swati came there for Akanksha. Sakshi says she thinks so but also knows that Manav has moved on and will not go bank to Akanksha.

Yadhu speaks with Manav about proposing Sakshi. Manav is scared as he never proposed any girl ever. Yadhu teaches him how to propose and Manav praises him. They both rejoice making a plan. Swati speaks with Yadhu and says that he needs a mother who could understand him and take care of all his needs to protect him. Yadhu cries recalling Sakshi but Swati thinks Yadhu is missing Akanksha.

Manav makes pakoras for Sakshi and couldn’t propose her as he was very much stuttering. He speaks off topic but proposes in the middle. Sakshi voluntarily ignores him but Yadhu proposes for Manav. Sakshi immediately agrees and they all get together has a family. It all turns out to be Yadhu’s dream. He promises Swati that he will make Monami sure Manav proposes his mother (referring to Sakshi) the next day but Swati thinks he’s talking about Akanksha. Yadhu goes to sleep and fails to listen get last words that Akanksha deserves another chance. Akanksha is watching an old video of her and Manav and is sure that Manav still has feelings for her.

Precap : Sakshi will ask Manav if he has someone in his mind for him to propose and Manav will say yes. Sakshi will ask who is it and Manav will ask her to look at his glasses. Sakshi will look through and Niharika will come there at the same time. Sakshi will get shocked seeing it.

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