Pushpa Impossible 4th July 2022 Written Update: Pushpa feels clueless on getting first day


Pushpa Impossible 4th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa coming out of the Chawl to go to school even Deepti comes there. Pushpa greets her and says Ashwin is not ready yet but Deepti says she’s there for her and says she would drop her in school. Pushpa tries refusing but Deepti urges her and she agrees. They both leave in Deepti’s car. Deepti calls her ideology mind blowing and says no girl would ever get to experience dropping her mother in law in school. Pushpa jokes with her that she needs to teach her but Deepti says that she herself is weak in studies. They both come to school and Deepti wishes her good luck. Pushpa bids adieu to Deepti and is glad that she’s supporting her.

Pushpa comes to school and gets emotional. She enters the class and everyone thinks that she is a teacher and gets up. Rashi’s friends identifies her as Rashi’s mother whom they met in parent teacher meeting and wonders what’s she doing there when Rashi is absent. Teacher comes in and introduces Pushpa has the new student shocking everyone. Everyone passes comments and Teacher asks Pushpa to find an empty place for herself. Pushpa tries to sit but everyone blocks the seat. Sam asks her to sit in Rashi’s place for today and she sits beside him. Class starts and the teacher starts taking lessons in English.

Pushpa becomes friends with Parminder who helps her to translate. She couldn’t understand anything as everything was in English. Ashavari feeds breakfast to Rashi and narrates her childhood incident with her mother and how she fought with her without knowing the truth. Despite hearing it all, Rashi showed no remorse but instead replied that it won’t be easy for Pushpa to study 10th board as its difficult even for them. Ashavari gets shocked hearing it. Rashi leaves thanking her for the breakfast.

Pushpa is in class when another teacher says that she’s the hot topic in staff room. She says that Nanavati sir as high regards for her and asks her to introduce herself. Pushpa starts introducing herself in hindi but the teacher asks her to introduce herself in English. Pushpa says about her not knowing English but Teacher asks her to try. She speaks in broken English and everyone laughs at her. Sam gets angry. Deepti and Ashwin are discussing about Pushpa and Deepti is astounded by Pushpa’s courage and confidence. She asks Ashwin to support her. Ashwin asks about her parents reaction but Deepti says it doesn’t matter. Ashwin is about to call her but Deepti stops her reminding him that mobile is nit allowed at school. Ashwin agrees with her.

Few girls mocks Pushpa and Parminder explains her about what they said by translating it for her. At lunch time, Pushpa sits down to have Lunch and Parminder joins her. They exchange their foods. Parminder enjoyed her thepla while Pushpa enjoyed his rajma chawal. Other students leave hearing bell sound but Pushpa unaware of it comes late. Teacher scolds her for it but Sam supports her. Teacher gives her excuse. Science teacher greets Pushpa and starts the class. Pushpa requests him to explain in hindi but he reminds her that it’s English medium and says that it’s her who should learn to cope up with them. Pushpa feels lost.

Precap : Rashi will says Pushpa that she will make tiffin from now while she will go to school. Pushpa will say that she doesn’t even know to make round rotis but Rashi will say that when she can learn about trigonometry world she can learn to make tiffin too. She will ask her to decide herself whether she needs to go to school or not.

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