Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum : Sonakshi meets with an accident!

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 10th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Today’s episode begins with Sonakshi asking what’s there in the newspapers. Rohit says divorce. Sonakshi stands shocked. Rohit says to her that he considers Ajit reveled about Naren’s truth to Suman not she but Suman created the spectacle before all. He says she did not think about their loved ones. He requests Sonakshi to read out the newspapers sign it and leave. Sonakshi reads the newspaper and asks Rohit if someone forced him to sign divorce also it’s his choice.

Rohit says it’s his choice and Sonakshi slaps Rohit twice for his actions. She asks Rohit why he’s giving divorce on the grounds of infidelity. She asks Rohit if he needs to prove she’s characterless. Rohit stands shocked and looks at Venna. Sonakshi asks Rohit if he’d have said once she would have leave. She asks Rohit if he also feels she’s characterless. Rohit says yes. Ajit attempts to disrupt and Nishi slaps him.

Rohit claims to Sonakshi non-stop drama is going on in his house and as a result of her every relation is breaking so she should leave. Sonakshi cries and leaves the Sippy mansion saying to Rohit that she hates him. She recalls her minutes with Rohit. Rohit parallely recalls how Sonakshi slaps him. He sees his wedding picture and cries. He apologizes to Sonakshi and states my family hates him and for her sake he did all of this. Rohit says he trust her and loves her. He says that my family hates her and she does not deserve all this consequently he needs her to be happy in her own world away from Sippy mansion.

On street, Sonakshi gets shocked seeing Mahesh. She asks Mahesh he had been in the prison. Mahesh says he came out. He says to Sonakshi that she’s only two ways left to come with him to his home or die with his hands.

Here, Ajit advises Suman that Rohit throw Sonakshi out from the home. Mahesh drags Sonakshi into the car but she escapes. Mahesh runs behind her. Sonakshi kicks Mahesh and about to operate but meets with an accident.

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