Kasautii Zindagii kay : Anurag doubts Viraj

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii kay 14th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Episode starts with Viraj calls Anurag and says why are you not answering my calls, I am worried and hunting for guys like mad when I got to learn about breakfailure. Anurag says nothing happened and we’re at city hospital. Anurag informs Prerna is fine for her loved ones. Viraj reaches to hospital. Veena says I make Viraj and Prerna participation Infront of Viraj. Anupam and Moloy sees news how Anurag escaped from injury and they leaves to hospital. Nivedita requires Anupam to learn about petrol so that they can search Anurag. He informs Anurag is secure and asks them to reach City hospital.

Viraj Vries hugging Anurag. He asks why are you crying. Viraj says she’s only your friend but for me she’s love so that I can not even believe to loose her and she’s risking her life and child life for you but please make her know. Anurag believes Viraj is right and that I will take Prerna to participation venue so both may get United. When Anurag about to say a nurse interrupts them stating Prerna condition is better and she would like to meet you. Anurag asks Viraj to join him Viraj leaves to external after obtaining Komolika call.

Viraj asks why you need me to come out. Komolika asks him to call Nurses differently he must face her anger. Viraj says I really like my wife and keep her away from such problems. Komolika says than why she’s bothering me asks her contact you not me and leaves in cab. Anurag notices Sonalika ring.

Two men discusses Viraj present girlfriend is hotter than previous one. Anurag overhears their words and asks are you referring to Viraj. When they about to answer Viraj interrupts them. Anurag asks what are you doing here. Viraj says I met mother and sent her to home because she do not like hospital. Anurag gets suspicious reminscing heels and Ring.

Prerna smiles seeing Anurag but gets hushed seeing Viraj. Media covers Anurag Accident news. Viraj says how much he’s worried. Anurag believes their is something wrong with Viraj. Nurse inform them they could take Prerna and provides prescription. Viraj takes prescription saying I am Prerna fiancee. Prerna says we aren’t yet engaged. Viraj claims to be Faiancee and believes it’s difficult to create Prerna agree for union.

Basu family enters hospital. Media questions them about injury. They goes to hospital. Receptionist says Anurag and Prerna got discharged. Veena and Mohini looks mad and leaves. Veena hugs Prerna. Anurag finds her mother crying state. Komolika and Moly hugs him. Afterwards he goes to Mohini and says I am here Infront of you since Prerna.

Viraj gets his mother call and asks Veena can we depart to involvement venue if everything gets settled. Veena says ok. Anurag and Prerna looks at eachother reminscing their minutes. Prerna announces I can not do this engagement making everybody shocked. Veena asks why. Prerna says my hands is hurt to wear engagement ring and I hope you won’t insist me. Viraj says I won’t. Komolika gets mad and leaves, she attends Ronit telephone and asks him to finsin mechanic Before police captured him. Prerna goes to Komolika and says I came here to see your response after hearing my participation bis cancelled. Komolika says why can not you marry Viraj and leaving me and Anurag. Prerna says you are not observing I am with Anurag when he desired and vice versa and we left for eachother.