Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th November 2019 Upcoming Story: Anurag Brings Prerna Home

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

The Episode begins with inspector stating we obtained footage from your business, there wasn’t any name, it’s alright, we’ll assess this footage. Malkhani comes. Anurag states I obtained evidence of Prerna’s innocence. Malkhani says clever boy, great. Inspector checks the footage and states somebody had targeted in your business. Anurag says , can I take her now. Inspector states okay. Anurag retains Prerna’s hands and takes. She says that I will handle it, its alright. He states its alright, what happened, are you really hungry, comes lets you eat something in the canteen. She declares him.

He says you ought to say thanks, somebody is following you at the office, I’m, you’ll remain with me constantly, do not worry, be just like my darkness, you’re my secretary, out of today you’re my private secretary. She says that I stepped. He says that you were planning to step, you did not step, you can not resign till I find that your replacement, you speak a lot, its great I came before interrogation else policemen could have been bothered. She yells.

Komolika includes downstairs. Mohini compliments her. Komolika states thanks, I really like your necklace. Mohini introduces guests. Komolika states I would like you to provide me sindoor, I’ll get love and blessings. Kumud says I need I had a boy, I’d have him married to some pretty woman like Sonalika. Mohini applies sindoor into Komolika’s manage and confront. Komolika also does the very same rituals. Everyone meets the rituals.

Komolika states Tapur, your participation has occurred, really soon you’ll get married. Nivedita inquires how did she understand this, I do not think anybody told her. Komolika sees with Nivedita and states Mohini advised me. She belongs. Nivedita believes how did she believe I’m believing this. Komolika believes to observe to make Prerna from her manner. She yells sindoor from the atmosphere and smiles. She uses it to her wrists. She believes of Anurag. She awakens. She states that this sindoor has been Maa Durga boon, but its mine today, just I’ve right with this, Anurag is the only mine.

Anurag has a Prerna house. He inquires will I lift you into arms and accept you, exactly what, I’m cool, come. She says you started we’re likely to get food someplace. He says I enjoy home-cooked meals, you need to strive Bengali food, I’ll present you to my family as my personal secretary, you’ve got to work out too. Everybody becomes stunned seeing them. Anurag and Prerna step within the home, walking across the sindoor and leaving footprints. Kumud says it’s just like spouse measures in a house together with her husband throughout Grah Pravesh. Mohini gets mad. Komolika seems on. Anurag says examine our disposition, it’s collectively. He cried. He states Prerna watched the sindoor around the ground, ” she insisted me to eliminate shoes, that is why forget, why are you silent.

Mohini inquires what’s Prerna performing here. He says that I received her she is stubborn, so she was not coming, I made her to eat homemade food. Komolika believes police took it means Anurag obtained out her, I’m not likely to forgive you for it, he’ll get punished. Nivedita inquires Prerna didn’t come here on his own expression. Anurag claims sorry, I forgot to mention, she’s my private secretary from today, she’ll work out too. They get stunned. Anurag says we consume any food, then we’ll begin work. He requests Mohini to serve meals. Mohini claims of course. Komolika says that I will only come. She moves off and yells why’s Prerna here, ” she ought to happen to be in prison, so Ashish will understand. She predicts Ashish. The servant finds her. She behaves normal and states I’d witnessed a lizard.

Anurag says a lot work for your day. Moloy and Anupam come. Moloy inquires how are you. She says that I m alright, I wished to predict. Moloy says I’d called you. Anupam states you look great. Anurag says do not you think she’s shifted. Moloy says because of people. Prerna states, you did it correctly. Anurag asks exactly what. Anupam states Moloy has a fame for her. Anurag states why do I feel as though that he did some error and apologizing, what exactly did he really do. Anupam says he’s some remorse, Rajesh expired in his vehicle. Anurag asks Prerna to forgive Moloy, it had been a collision. Prerna states I understand, I want this never occurred. He says , I need that too. Anurag says that I shall drop you house, come. Prerna states no, its alright. Moloy states Anurag is proper. Prerna believes I do not wish to inform him that home got burnt. Anurag says I’m your boss, so you need to hear me. Komolika gets mad.