Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th November 2019 Upcoming Story: Abir Gets Mehul Arrested

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th November 2019 on

The Episode begins with Mishti stressing that something wrong is occurring. Jugnu calls says Abir left house with his father, he said that he won’t ever return. She inquires, that is not feasible. Nanu says that he abandoned, do something, I’ll make you grahpravesh in fresh home, if Abir does not return, this household will shatter, only you’re able to convince himget him backagain. Meenakshi seems on. Mishti says that I guarantee I’ll get Abir straight back, and then he won’t ever leave. Kuhu states Nidhi predicted, she stated Abir left. Mishti says I’m going to find himtry to monitor him on program. Mehul and Abir are really on the road. Mehul believes Abir abandoned Meenakshi and everything, I must explain him. He asks him to make his own rage his buddy. Abir says I’ve a right with this particular anger.

Mehul says that your best is on this home too, why would you leave that which. Abir says that they believe you enjoy cash, not even me. Mehul states in the event that you trust me, then I do not have to demonstrate anythingdown, calm, where’s Mishti. Abir says that she intimidates me because you can do, but mom does not trust me, we’re likely to attorney, we’ll find a postage paper and make it written that we do not require anything out of his home. Mehul asks exactly what. Abir pushes in rate. He states that I shall teach her a lesson, so I need to throw newspapers in her face. Mehul requests him not to utilize telephone when driving. Abir says I’m calling the attorney to request him to continue to keep papers prepared. Mehul believes he’s absurd like his mommy. He says stop, you die if you need, why are you killing me? Abir gets stunned.

He says that I need to encourage you, ” I can not tolerate mommy blaming you, we’ll leave that home, she believes your passion for me could get marketed, we’ll inform her that each relation can not be marketed. Mehul states it occurs, I’ve right on this land and cash, idiotic boy. Abir gets stunned. He says you’re correct, I’m so absurd, the whole family clarified me , I did not hear, my mom told me you are a terrible guy, I did not hear, I thought your words along with you, I thought you’ll return back, Ganpati did not want me to secure more duped, so that he obtained out your truth facing me.

Mehul claims its not that my error, your mom…. Abir says do not take her title, I must understand your fact, I wished to determine how low are you going to collapse, sufficient, Mishti moved to Rajgarh about Karwachauth afternoon, maybe not Meenakshi, mom did not understand I wish to change my title, you wished to perform so scam, no have to perform play, what’s finished. Mishti comes there and yells Abir. Mehul says what occurred for the woman. Abir ceases him. Mishti asks Abir to discontinue. Abir says you’ve increased voice Mishti, I ceased on her stating, do not think about increasing hands on her next occasion, else no one could prevent me. Authorities comes. Mishti says he’s the only real, inspector. Inspector says we’ve come to detain the scam offender. Abir says detain Mehul. Mehul states Abir Kapadia is your offender, detain him. Mishti states no inspector.

Meenakshi comes and yells no. She states that this title individual is not here, try this. She shows files. She signals Abir. Abir says that my title is Abir Meenakshi Rajvansh also it is going to always be exactly the exact same. Meenakshi looks . Inspector says Mehul Kapadia, we’ve got evidence . They capture Mehul. Mehul states Mishti, I advised youthis is actually the very first chapter of narrative, I’ll return. He’s removed.

Abir sits yelling and remembers his youth. Meenakshi keeps him. She says I’m on you, I shall always be with you, what will acquire nice, I’ll make it nice. She hugs Abir. Mishti believes you want your mom a whole lot now. She belongs. Abir goes off, doing shayari in regret. He measures at the lake. Meenakshi cries. He remembers meeting Mehul and vents anger. She asks him to return to her. He comes to her. She says that I know you have hurt understanding Mehul’s reality. He states I had been hurt but its paining now. She says that I must have told you that his fact, however you loved him always, you recalled his candy discussions, how can I break your heart, even sorry. He says that I know, you gave me bitter medication wrapped in honey, so you can not say sorry for a mother, I would like to say sorry for being a lousy boy, I’ve hurt your spirit a good deal. She says , you’re my child, and powerful like me.

He states you’re far different compared to other mums, you’re one in a thousand, I’ll become one in a thousand kid, I’ll turn into the very best son, not hurt you . She cried. Mishti says I’ve gone through this pain Abir, I want this did not occur with youpersonally, ” I wish I could help save some how, possibly our fates had worst fathers, at your doubts will finish, its great Mehul went out of your lifetime. Kaushal says we’ve thrown Mehul out of our own lives, he will not return. Parul states we have saved out of this large difficulty, Kaushal you did a significant item for Meenakshi.

Kaushal says she did a great deal for us, ” I wished to present her guts and inform her she is not alone. Parul says today Abir requires you. Kunal yells and claims Abir wanted me, I neglected to encourage him. Nanu states no. Kunal says if Abir was departing the home, I must have stopped him,” I do not know managing things, Kaushal is really a great younger brother, so I wish to learn from Kaushal, Nanu when I do anything dumb, then smack me, I could not mature, I guarantee to develop into a fantastic brother just like Abir deserves. Nanu hugs him. Everybody yells. Abir calls and comes out Kunal/Nanko. Yeh rishte….plays…. Abir and Meenakshi are in the doorway. Kunal yells and extends to Abir. Abir and Kunal hug. Meenakshi and everybody happily smile.