Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2019 Upcoming Story: Aaliya Confronts Priyanka And Rhea


The Episode begins with Aaliya believing in Abhi’s phrases and comes to Rhea’s area. Rhea asks her what’s she thinking? Aaliya says she’s considering outsiders, should they control family members dwelling afterward how to manage them. She inquires whose idea it had been. Priyanka asks exactly what? Aaliya says that I am certain this notion is yours, speaking to Priyanka. Does Rhea ask that notion? Aaliya inquires who proposed this. Rhea says we’ve completed this, however, the thought has been of Priyanka. Aaliya inquires did you missing your brain and inquires if the server had got captured then what could happen. She says you wished to reduce Prachi and informs your level is getting right down and you also did not think about your picture. She states Prachi’s degree is currently low and informs that might be Prachi desired to snare Sanju and you got trapped within her plan. Rhea claims sorry. Aaliya asks Priyanka to not offer such filthy ideas to Rhea and states it isn’t likely to be fine. Priyanka and Rhea state sorry. Aaliya retains Rhea’s hands and says that I love you and can not watch you in pain. She says that you may have obtained convicted if the waiter has been captured, and asks him to not listen to crap thoughts and do anything like this. Rhea guarantees her and says that I love you. Aaliya says adore you too leaves. She believes Prachi is at Rhea’s head and I must take her from her head, else Rhea produces some issues for her. She states God sends a middle-class woman to our loved ones and do not understand who’s the God who directs them. She states Pragya had encounter, Disha and this Prachi. She believes where’s Purab?

Rhea informs Priyanka that when the server has started his mouth then we’d have gone to prison and Dad. Priyanka says when we’ve become effective then we would have a large achievement and believes of Rishi. Does Rhea inquire what exactly are you believing? Priyanka says when I you do not do anything soon then you are going to lose your daddy along with Ranbir. She states Abhi hugged her hugging his daughter tells that Ranbir showed confidence on Prachi, inquires are you certain he doesn’t have feelings for Prachi. Rhea says not. Priyanka provokes her from Prachi and requests him to concentrate and maintain eye Ranbir, else Prachi will fly off. Rhea says near the door whilst departing.

Shahana Arrives at Prachi. Prachi states Maa has to have moved to Disha Maasi. She says it’s great that she did not come for a celebration and requests her to overlook everything. Shahana says I’ll forget, however, the fantastic thing is that Ranbir affirmed you. She states Abhi consistently supports you, yet this time Ranbir encouraged you as a fanatic, came for you and wiped your tears. In addition, he took a rack for you. Prachi feels awful about her behavior. Shahana asks to mention sorry tomorrow. Prachi calls Pragya. Pragya informs Purab she got a phone from the house. She attends Prachi’s telephone and informs she ceased on the road for a significant function. Prachi asks her to come shortly. Pragya says okay. Purab receives Aaliya’s telephone and informs him he is coming home.

Meera is at the kitchen and tells Abhi which she’s producing turmeric milk to Rhea. Abhi thank her for texting him roughly Prachi. Meera says she tickles him he just understands about her. Abhi states why you wished to rescue. Meera says I hope her enjoy you and informs that everybody was badmouthing concerning her. She states Ranbir chose a stand to get her. Abhi says he’s a man today and informs that somebody is supporting Prachi and wishes to destroy her life, once she’s here. He says it had been Rhea, and …He doubts about Priyanka. Meera believes who are supporting this. Rhea recalls Ranbir carrying a rack for Prachi and has believed. Ranbir comes there and inquires are you okay? Rhea states you took a lot of time to come back. She inquires why did you encourage Prachi today. Ranbir states Prachi is bothersome, but she’s not like what folks had been saying. He enjoys her for shifting the projector off. Rhea says I did not enjoy how you encouraged her and that I believed that you enjoy her and requested us to confer with her. She states Dimpy and Shaina are the very best friends and you left them to apologize to Prachi.

Ranbir says I’d have done exactly the exact same thing with another woman too and states this thing is all about her, loved ones, history. He states if you had been in my location then could have done exactly the exact same thing. She says she is able to divide her heart, but can not ruin her entire life. Rhea says that I have a bit jealous and states I’m pleased with you. Ranbir says I’m proud of you and love her. He says good night.

Pragya is in house and recalls Prachi phoning her. Prachi comes to her. Pragya says I’m your mother and understands you better than you. She says that you missed and want me tell me exactly what had occurred. Prachi says I’ll tell tomorrow will sleep on your lap today. Does Pragya ask what occurred? Prachi states it was a little difficulty, sorted by Mehra sir. She rests on her lap. Pragya recalls Prachi indicating that Mehra sir treated the issue. Pragya messages let you Abhi.