Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2019 Upcoming Story: Goenkas Celebrate Diwali


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode starts with Kartik hugging Kairav. Kairav says you’re the world’s best Papa. Everybody yearns. Vansh states Naksh assisted us in this shock, thanks. Servants get an identical birthday cake. Kartik says that I loathed my cake, sorry, we will cut it now, together. Naira smiles. Naira, Kartik and Kairav cut the cake. They consume it. Naira dances and asks Kartik and everyone to dance, its Diwali today. All of them dance. Kartik’s telephone falls down. Vedika requires him. She states how shall I talk to Kartik, nobody will understand me. Everyone prays.

Naira asks Kairav to perform aarti with Kartik. Dadi asks them to rush. Gayu says what is perfect if Vedika comes, what does she think seeing Naira and Kairav, if Vedika tells anything afterward… Naira hears that. Suwarna says we’ll talk later. Naira thinks she is correct, Kartik and Kairav can’t stay together always. Suwarna asks Naira to live the minute happily. Naira and Kairav do aarti. The servant gives the telephone to Kartik. Kairav asks Kartik and also Naira to sitdown. He states seal fresh bargain, you both won’t have a big struggle, say sorry after a small struggle, you won’t leave separated, its own imp, you will love each a lot, I shall also love the two of you. Kartik sees Naira.

Kartik says we appreciate you a lot. Naira says we love you a lot and can do. Kairav asks and loving each other, say it, you will not hurt each other. He takes their thumb expressions on the paper. He says your deal is secure. Naira worries. Kairav asks Dadi to keep it in a locker, whenever they struggle, he will show them. Samarth says we’ll go outside and observe Diwali.

Vedika says that I want to speak to Kartik, its imp, everything can get destroyed. Someone knocks the door. She asks who is it. The guy says housekeeping. She falls for it. Everyone puts Diya in the pool. All of them sing and dance. Rishton ki dor….plays… Servant maintains its a call for Kartik. Kartik says whomever it is, inform that I m busy with my kid, phone tomorrow. Vedika hears this and states it means Naira is also there, one problem endings and other starts. Everybody enjoys and hugs. Suwarna asks Naira to remain happy. Kartik sees Naira and recalls their old moments. Kairav says mother and dad’s Diya ought to be collectively. He makes a diya away. Naira seems on. Naira remembers Vedika and lighting that the diya again. The diya goes away by itself. Naira gets it back again. She chooses water to blow off her own diya. Kartik holds her hand and stops her. Vansh comes to request his phone for clicking pics. He chooses Kartik’s telephone number. He says you are obtaining a call. They visit Vedika’s telephone number. Naira makes her diya away. She answers the call for Kartik.

He asks everything, where are you at this time. Naira asks what happened, is everything fine, is her Bua nice, is she good. Kartik says she requested me to meet her at the hotel. She says then go and meet with her, that which, the hotel is at Udaipur, but she had been in US. Kartik says she has come, why did not she come home. She says you ought to go right now. He asks how can I do, should I go today, Kairav will feel awful, I can’t tell anybody here. Naira says there’s some problem, maybe she wants to meet only you, didn’t encounter for Diwali and watched Kairav along with me, maybe she got upset, clarify her, catch her, even Kairav and I… He states unwind. She says your life… He states I will manage, matter will not reach you, we called you, Dadi called youpersonally, Vedika must know this that we’re doing so for Kairav, I don’t want to spoil their happiness, I will go and meet Vedika in dawn.

Vedika says it will probably be hard for me to wait patiently until morning, come shortly, I must tell you everything, only you’re able to assist me. Kairav jumps happily. He says we will celebrate Diwali tomorrow, I m not mad on dad now, we’ll go into his own bed and room, come. Naira seems on. Kartik comes and claims you sleep here, Naira snores a good deal, I do not get sleep. Kairav states I heard. Kartik jokes. They laugh. Naira says its also much Kartik. Kartik says you sleep here, if you would like to sleep with me, we’ll go that, your mumma will sleep , AC is going to be on, it’ll be cold there, its better you sleep you may catch cold. Kairav says okay, I will inform good night to everyone and come. He belongs. Kartik asks Naira not to stress. He states I’m going to meet Vedika in the morning. He goes. Naira says don’t understand what is Vedika thinking, I messaged her, she didn’t reply, I’ll also go with Kartik in the morning.