Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2019 Upcoming Story: Neeti Calls Arijit Her Dad

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Thia stating those folks would be useful, therefore Neeti is recovering shortly. Arijit scolds her. He says that I can not tell them my connection with Neeti, simply get lost. Aaliya states Arijit gets my telephone, when he understands Ruhi did not send the messages, then it’ll be a large issue. Karan says I want to check. Arijit comes and claims that my buddy called me to want for Diwali. Ishita asks concerning the area. Arijit claims that this location isn’t in London, however countryside, I do not know a lot about any of this, sorry, my friends live there, they perhaps realizing that, in the event that you ahead of those pics, I could inquire. Aaliya says certain. Arijit inquires can I use the bath. Yug requires him. Neeti feels that the food hot. Mihika states have candy, I’ll receive water.

Yug says I want to know if you would like anything. He belongs. Arijit appears outdoors. Ishita inquires what’s Neeti performing, Mahika says do not worry, I’ve locked the space, I arrived to shoot water. Yug states Arijit is indoors, he stated that he will come. Ishita says do not leave him alone. Yug goes back again. Arijit seems for Neeti. Yug says bath is the manner. Arijit claims sorry, I had been perplexed. Yug asks him. Neeti yells the door. She yells. Arijit states a few noises. Yug states nothing, simply return. Mihika says she’s crying, right. All of them rush. Yug says that I shall assess, you just sit. Arijit states my kid….

Mihika opens the doorway. Mihika inquires exactly what happened, are you really nice. Everyone comes. Raman states nobody will fulfill her, she’s scared. Mihika says we’re here. Neeti sees Arijit and states Papa…. All of them consider Arijit. Raman inquires are you currently Neeti’s daddy. Arijit inquiries won’t I recognize her, come on. Neeti faints down. They fear.

Mihika asks one to venture out. Arijit says odd, who’s that woman, isn’t your comparative, and I have not seen her earlier, it means she’s psychological trauma. Raman says she is not our comparative, her title is Neeti Guha, we got her at the hospital after which a person vanished, we got her on the marketplace and obtained her property. Ishita states Neeti known as you daddy, do not you understand her. Arijit states I do not understand her, trust me. Yug and Karan inquire how much are you going to lie, Neeti called you that his daddy. Arijit inquires whether she calls you daddy, are you going to take it. Karan says we can not trust him. Arijit states I don’t have any respect.

Ishita stops Karan. She apologizes to Arijit. She says I’m interested to know why didn’t call you daddy. Arijit says trust me, I really don’t understand her, you doubt me, allow me to think, perhaps she’s seen me or her daddy’s face looks like me, by where is she, what is her whole title, I can provide help. Ishita says she’s Neeti Guha, she remains in London, she’s made this sketch. Arijit says alright, she’s out of London, I’ll see her sketches.

He states how is that possible, how can I overlook this. Ishita asks exactly what. Arijit states I understand these sketches as well as the first, how is it possible, no more…. He sits yelling. Raman asks what is the issue. Arijit states I understand its quite embarrassing, its very personal, I should not let this, but circumstances is this, those sketches are created by Namita, we had an event 18 decades back, we adored each other a whole lot, but we still had a large fight daily, Namita abandoned me, I attempted to convince her, and I learned that she arrived into India, her roommate explained that she’s pregnant, so she was pregnant, so she did not inform me and arrived here, I came back into India and hunted for her, and I did not get her, so it means she had been in London these years, Neeti was my girl, she’s Namita along with my girl, Namita showed my pics into Neeti, she’d have left us meet.

He believes I trust they think of my fake narrative, then I can shoot my girl. Sanjay comes to Bhuvan. He says and laughs that you get frightened a lot. Bhuvan states we’re in enemy area. Sanjay states Arijit is intelligent, nothing will occur to him. Appa includes flowers and presents. He requests Sanjay to assist him. Sanjay chooses presents. Ishita asks are you really certain, Neeti is the daughter. Arijit states this shows that it, why can she call me daddy. Raman says Namita did not call you. Arijit says , I repent it, when she told to our common friend, I figure she has married, so she wishes to conceal Neeti from me personally, Neeti is straight back, just like she phoned me, Papa, she’s my girl, allow me to shoot her along with me, and give me my girl . Mihika states no manner, Neeti will not move anyplace. Arijit says she’s my girl, why are you quitting her. Mihika says she is not in such psychological illness, she’s comfortable here, what is the warranty, you’ll continue to keep her nice. Arijit states that I have right in my daughter. Karan asks will you tell me is Namita. Arijit cries.

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