Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2019 Upcoming Story: Ishita Seeks Arijit’s Help


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Mrs. Bhalla providing aarti to everybody. Neeti appears on from way. Mihika provides aarti into Neeti. Ishita goes into Neeti’s room. She sees the sketch also states that area is that, London Eye, that could be Big ben, ” I do not know this. She chooses pics to inquire about Raman. Sanjay comes and greets Yug along with Raman. He states I’m my family is at the village, ” I came here to perform puja, I discovered about puja occurring here. Neeti gets fearful and hugs Mihika. Sanjay appears. Ishita signals Mihika to carry Neeti into space. Sanjay gets candy and Diwali talent. He thanks Raman and proceeds. Ishita shows the sketch produced by Neeti. She inquires Raman would you recall something. Raman says it resembles London’s location. She says.

She receives Bharat’s telephone number. Bharat claims that this locket is created from London, I can not state the name, the logo isn’t apparent. She declares him. She states Bharat explained this locket is created from London, ” means Neeti is out of London, Raman would you know anybody who can determine this location. Yug states Arijit is out of London. Raman says I’ll call him.

Arijit talks with his spouse’s pic. He receives Raman’s telephone number. Raman asks is it possible to return home, its not so great you’re lonely on Diwali. Arijit says I’m performing puja, I can not come now. Ishita states please do not deny, mummy ji along with Papaji will probably be pleased, you helped us a great deal in business. Arijit says alright, I’ll come. He states why are they calling me I will observe Neeti from way, when she finds me and informs that she’s my daughter, what will become spoiled.

Yug states I locate Arijit really smart, should we ask him he will inquire also, I can not trust you. Karan says that he will not come, he’d think of the schedule, he constantly hides matters. Ishita states we can not trust him but only he could assist us. Raman says we can not inform him roughly Neeti. She says. Aaliya states you believe he will inform us readily. Yug states we could ask. Raman says he’ll question and doubt. Ishita informs some strategy. Aaliya says its fine notion forward me the pics. Raman says that I shall call Arijit. Raman says do not call him today.

Arijit states did Bhallas telephone me, did Neeti inform them anything. Bhuvan comes. Arijit becomes scared. He states that I m curious about Bhallas when Neeti told anything, everything will finish. Bhuvan provides a gun and states take this together. Arijit inquires what will I perform. Bhuvan states you despise Bhallas, you maintain fake friendship together kill them. Arijit scolds him. Bhuvan says that I do not understand your enmity, how long does this match go on, kill Raman. Arijit states include me, stand at the railroad, in case anything else occurs, you along with Sanjay can assist me in obtaining Neeti outside, its Diwali, we’ll take candies in route. Bhuvan states lets take that particular box, they’re our enemies. Arijit states no, lets shoot laddoos, Neeti enjoys it a whole lot. Bhuvan believes is Neeti his buddy’s kid or his own kid, he also understands a good deal about Neeti.

Mihika gets laddoo to get Neeti. She asks you to enjoy that. She speaks to relaxation Neeti. Raman enjoys the laddoo. Karan states Arijit did not arrive yet. Neeti eats laddoo. Aaliya comes and claims Neeti enjoys laddoo, will I make halwa puri for you personally. Mihika takes Aaliya out. She says that we will not disturb her. Aaliya claims sorry, I’d begun to state, Raman phoned Arijit to take aid, Ishita stated Neeti should not emerge. Mihika says do not worry, I’m with her. Aaliya goes. Mihika yells and asks Neeti to consume more laddoos. Arijit and Bhuvan arrive.

Raman welcomes Arijit and fantasies happy Diwali. Arijit wishes everybody. He receives candy. Ishita claims Thank you for coming, Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla went for cards celebration at Amma’s home. Raman requests him. Aaliya states Ruhi has messaged, she’s sent a few sketches. Ishita inquires what’s it. Aaliya says she needs us to figure where she’s staying, Karan informs us where did she move. Karan says that she sent me pics and requested me to suppose. He states I presume its London. Aaliya says she needs us to inform precise site. Ishita inquires how do people say, I moved to London several times, yet this place is not famous. Yug says one that remained there for several years can provide help. Aaliya says yes, Arijit is out of London, he will help us. Arijit sees the sketch also states this location…

He receives a call. He says I can not hear you, will you listen to me. He moves out to speak. This states Bhuvan phoned me and stated Neeti is discovered, how will she. Arijit becomes psychological and says she’s fine. She asks is she’s along with your buddy. He states I believe she’s happy, she left sketch of the London home, she composed her ribbon too, N… I really don’t understand how she shifted being together with them she does not understand them, and how. He believes no, she’s with our enemies, so she does not understand Raman and Ishita, she’s understanding Bhallas.

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