Kasautii Zindagii kay : Prerna gives Sonalika an ultimatum of three days

Kasautii Zindagii kay 17th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Episode starts with Prerna and Sonalika are arguing with one another over the subject of Anurag. Prerna says you attempt to hurt me Anurag came to my rescue and now once you attempted to hurt Anurag I came to his rescue. Sonalika says just a bride gets her farewell not a spouse.

Prerna states where are you when I declined to do involvement. I’m wearing the ring Anurag given to me. This is why I put a bandage in my hands so I can steer clear of the ring service with Viraj. Ronit comes to the home of the man who did the rest neglect of the automobile of Anurag. Shekhar is attempting to find the man who did the break neglect and that’s the reason he moved to the shopkeeper of Pan store. Ronit and the mechanic are fighting with each other and he has to know the intention of Ronit.

Anurag is questioning Viraj about his feelings for Prerna. You told me comparative came to meet you in the hospital and she can’t come within the hospital because she does not enjoy the odor of it. He says you told me that it’s your relative when virat says I guess I told you that’s my mom.

Anurag says I can definitely remember it is your relative, when Viraj eventually gives in and admits it wasn’t his mother but his relative. Anurag knows that whatever doubt he’s developing on him isn’t baseless but there’s something surely wrong.

He decides to follow Viraj while at the home of the mechanic, Ronit and he’s fighting with one another. However at the same time, Shekhar also reaches the home of the mechanic and he bangs the door. The mechanic within the home while Ronit hides behind the curtain. Shekhar is gradually trying to grab and hold him off when he noticed the shadow of somebody behind the curtains. Viraj gets a call from Sonalika which she’s waiting in his home and she has something important to talk.

Viraj noticed that Anurag is after his car and he simply changed his path to misguide him. Anurag comes into a vacant place following Viraj. Viraj comes there and asks him is he pursuing him? Anurag admits to Viraj of after him ki hides his real intention behind his activities and is attempting to divert the topic. Both of these had a very brief conversation but Anurag feels weird with a few of the words of Viraj.

Viraj comes to his home when Sonalika ask him why he’s so late as she’s waiting for him by a lengthy time. He says your husband Anurag is after me and that I do not know how but he’s developed a very strong uncertainty.

Sonalika says that he can’t have uncertainty on you but we’ll be able to letter but for now we must modify our strategy a bit and you’ll visit Veena and I will say to him that you’re thinking about marrying Prerna within next couple of days since she give me an open challenge to show me off Basu home within 3 days and I can’t let that happened.

Viraj agrees to her plan while Shekhar is gradually processing towards the shadow behind the cotton and Ronit attempts to run out there but Shekhar retains him from the back.

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