Katha Ankahee 20th January 2022 Written Update: Viaan goes crazy learning Katha’s truth


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The episode starts with Teji and Farah gets shocked learning that both Viaan and Ehsan isn’t aware about Katha’s life. Farah asks don’t they have done a background check? Ehsan says they made the background check but they thought she was single. Teji says that she isn’t surprised Katha didn’t seeked their son’s help and praises Katha for managing both her personal and professional life also saved her son. Viaan leaves the place silently recalling the way he troubled Katha. He then recalls Katha’s request for loan and whatever happened afterwards. He cries and asks himself what he done to Katha. He then says he always don’t want to become like his father Viraj Raguvanshi but ended up becoming like him only. He only thought about himself that’s the reason he became like Viraj.

He then recalls when he was younger his father Viraj gave Teji some money before he left them for another woman. Also the arguments that happened between his parent’s that day which Viaan witnessed. Teji begging Viraj to stay for Viaan’s sake but the latter refuses and says if Viaan becomes like this also he won’t get worry and leaves. Teji falls down and cries hard and keeps on saying her son Viaan won’t become like Viraj and the younger Viaan runs to his mom and hugs her. The FB ends. Viaan tells that he ended up becoming a worst human. He then looks at downstairs from his balcony.

Ehsan is in a shocked state and wonders why Katha didn’t tell them about her life struggles and hide such a huge matter from them. He then tries to speak with Viaan but Viaan excuses himself saying he isn’t feeling well so he need space then leaves. Ehsan gets confused then calls Katha repeatedly but gets upset and worried when his calls goes unanswered. Meanwhile Viaan reaches Katha’s society. He sees Katha is carrying things and about to enter her house through his car’s rear view mirror.

He comes out and calls Katha. He then starts apologising to Katha. Few ongoers sees it but leaves while Katha gets confused seeing the way Viaan struggling to tell her whatever he wants to say. Viaan mentions about the night. Katha gets furious and asks him to leave immediately then decides to go inside but stops in her track when Viaan pleads her to stop saying he isn’t aware that she is a single mother. He doesn’t know she wanted money for her Son’s treatment who suffered cancer. She was already going through a lot and he added more troubles in her way. If he learned this all before then he would have never troubled her the way he done. Viaan also questions Katha why she didn’t told him about this all and regrets his actions.

He further pleads with Katha to forgive him eventhough the sin he made is an unforgivable one. Viaan also says if he learned that Katha was a mother then he would have stopped himself from doing the sin. Katha tells Viaan if incase she wasn’t a mother who wants money for her Son’s treatment but one of his employee who wanted money if he would have put forth such condition? Is he think he can buy women however he please? Viaan shakes his head no and pleads her to not to say such things.

Katha tells Viaan that she didn’t made any mistakes so she is facing him bravely but asks to look at himself who is guilty and shrinking himself. She further asks Viaan if anyone get to know what happened between them then that person will easily say both of them done the mistake but she knows she did this for her Son. Also she isn’t guilty. She then says to Viaan when she meets God and her late husband Adi she won’t feel ashamed but what about him?

Will he ever able to answer God’s and his mother’s questions? Viaan gets shocked. He then pleads again with Katha for forgiveness but the latter tells him she is no one to forgive him but asks him to do her a favor of not to forgive himself ever then goes to her house. Katha sees Ehsan’s missed calls. She then starts breathing heavily recalling everything that happened. She goes to Aarav and hugs him tight. Aarav senses Katha is worried and upset so tells her after learning she is his mother no one will trouble her. Katha tells him that everyone knows about it now then puts her head on his lap saying she wants a little love and care and looks on.

The next day Katha receives a call from SNP builders Shirin who tells her, her boss is impressed with her interviews but they have concerns about her requests. Katha thinks she won’t get the job so she tells Shirin she understands but the latter surprises her saying they are happy to hire her. Katha gets happy and informs the same to Nirija and Aarav. All three of them tosses for new beginnings. Meawhile Jenny calls out a sleeping Viaan in his office. The latter asks her to hurry up the process of Katha’s resignation when Jenny informs him about their company protocols Viaan tells her sometimes they have to break this. Jenny agrees to process the resignation of Katha and leaves. Viaan looks on.

Precap: The principal asks how come they accept Aarav’s admission who only went to play school. Katha looks the other side and sees Aarav. Meanwhile Ehsan tells Viaan that he is punishing himself a little too much for the unknown mistake that happened and asks Viaan is Katha asked his help. Viaan looks at Ehsan. Reet asks Kavita is she know how Katha managed to arrange one crore on her own and the latter stares ahead. Later Viaan meets Katha and tells her that he done a mistake but after learning it if he repeats it then it will become a crime. He knows he is wrong but not criminal so pleads her to give him an one last chance and he will never look back. Katha looks on.

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