Katha Ankahee 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Katha forgives Viaan


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The episode starts with Viaan goes to Katha who is crying. Katha tells how much it hurt to get separated from their loved one because of fate. She further explains how its to live a life without their loved one’s. Viaan apologises to her. Katha says Viaan it’s just a sad part of her life but she moves on from this pain with the help of her son Aarav who is their love proof. Viaan praises and calls Katha as a lucky person to get to experience such pure love. He also says not everyone is lucky like her and recalls Teji and Viraj’s argument when he was a kid. Katha recalls Ehsan’s revelation about Viaan’s childhood life. She then asks Viaan is Teji is still upset with what happened in the Earthcon’s 50th anniversary. Viaan tells her about Teji’s blind love for Viraj. Other side Aarav asks Nirija about Katha’s whereabouts. Nirija tells she don’t have any idea. She then asks Aarav to have milk as he is getting late for school. Aarav tells Nirija that he will never leave her side at all then hugs her. Nirija gets emotional.

Viaan tells Katha that suddenly one day Viraj told his decision that he is chosing another woman leaving his own family and they don’t have any part in his life. He also adds that his father took all the memories with him. His life has been changed upside-down. Katha tells the relationship breaks in a minute but the pain lasts for their entire life. Viaan tells neither can forget the pain nor able to ignore it. Katha agrees and tells him that sometimes the pain comes infront of them. Viaan agrees. Katha tells Viaan the night they went to meet Abdali she saw and recognized that woman also she noticed he become uncomfortable. Viaan gets shocked. He tries to make an excuse and says it’s nothing. Katha tells him she saw that women in news articles and videos. Viaan tells her after so many years he saw her but the pain is still the same. He then tells his father left them for her and saw her for the first time also witnessing Teji crying everyday and he don’t know how he changed entirely. He started thinking all women are gold diggers, opportunist and they all want money only. He then made a rule if a woman approach him then he will definitely test her. He then looks at Katha. Katha looks away from him.

Viaan expresses how wrong he was. It become a natural thing for him to think everything negatively. He then tells who he is to judge someone. Katha tells him atleast he changed his wrong opinion about Tea today. Viaan looks confused but then understands Katha’s words. Katha tells him when there is so much bitterness they act negatively eventually when they remove the bitterness they will recognize the negativity in them just like Viaan recognized the Rabbdi Chaai which makes Viaan happy. Katha and Viaan smiles at each other. Here Reet looks at Katha’s office photos. She recognizes the one who she saw with Katha the other day is Viaan who is Teji’s son. She calls Teji and requests to meet her. She gets happy when Teji agrees. Viaan asks Katha how to find out whether they are in love. Katha tells him love is simple and compares it with the satisfaction of having a perfect tea. Reet thanks Teji for her tips. Teji asks Reet to often visit. Reet inquires her about Viaan. Teji tells he went on a business trip and it’s him and Katha only. Reet then badmouths about Katha to Teji saying how her in law’s are always supporting and caring Katha over her. She also tells Katha will show her fake love and break the relationship. Teji tells Reet about Viaan’s change in behavior after Katha entered also expresses her dislikes for Katha. Reet advices Teji to keep Viaan away from Katha to save her family.

Precap: Viaan stops Katha from falling asleep from her seat. Kavita tells Reet that she is the one who introduced Katha to the Raguvanshi’s. Reet badmouths about Katha’s behavior towards Viaan. Ehsan calls Katha and questions her for not answering the calls. Katha tells him they were stuck also after she get network in her phone she informed her family so who else she has to inform? Ehsan become speechless.

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