KumKum Bhagya 21st November 2022 Written Update: Ranbir defends Prachi


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The episode starts with Aryan alerting Ranbir saying the gun has no bullets. Ranbir hits the main goon with a box. He drops the gun then they fight with the goons and leave out locking goons in a room. Police come there to arrest goons but some of them escape. Vikram asks Pallavi where is Ranbir, Prachi, Aryan, and Shahana. Pallavi says their phones are not getting connected and don’t know where they went. She says it’s Prachi’s sangeet and guests are asking for her and I’m tired of telling excuses. Dida comes there with a veiled woman. Pallavi, Vikram, and Alia ask Dida who’s she. Dida says it’s Prachi and she changed her dress as the drink falls on her previous dress. Dida asks Pallavi to call guests. Pallavi calls guests. Guest asks why Prachi hiding her face. Dida says it’s Pandit’s advice. Sid gets tense under the veil. Guest gifts Sid assuming he is Prachi. That time Prachi return home with Ranbir and others.

Pallavi and Vikram see Prachi and confront Dida. Dida tells them she did magic to control the situation as Prachi is not at home. Vikram says this person looks like a boy. Dida says it’s a boy that’s why he looks that way. Vikram says they need to hide him. Sid asks where to hide. They get shocked seeing him. Vikram hides Sid before anyone sees the two Prachi’s.

Pallavi scolds Prachi for going out leaving her sangeet. Ranbir asks Pallavi to listen to what happened first. Alia asks Ranbir tell what is the reason for Prachi to leave Sangeet in the middle like that. Ranbir says there might be a valid reason. Pallavi says this is the force of habit. Pallavi says it is Prachi’s habit to humiliate their family. Ranbir says Prachi saved their family reputation and says Prachi single handedly saved Rhea and Mihika today from human traffickers and asks Pallavi if she knows about it. Pallavi and Vikram get shocked and ask how it happened and why Rhea and Mihika went out. Rhea tells her fabricated story. Ranbir tells Pallavi how Prachi saved them. Dida asks Pallavi and Alia to thank Prachi. Pallavi and Alia thank Prachi and apologise to her for misunderstanding her. Alia receives a message that Preethi is sending a report. Dida asks Sid to come out from the table hiding his saree. Ranbir smiles seeing him. A gun is shown to be pointed at Mihika. Alia man warns Mihika to be silent. Dida takes Sid with her asks Pallavi to explain to Ranbir what happened. Vikram and Pallavi explain to Ranbir and others what Dida did. Pallavi lost in her thoughts. Vikram asks her what happened. Pallavi says this society is not safe after learning what happened to Rhea and Mihika.

Sid says to Dida that he got insulted because of her. Dida says there is no insult in front of the family. He goes to change. Prachi and Shahana cone there. Prachi says she wants to thank Sid for his help. Dida praises Prachi’s bravery and leaves the room. Sid comes out and asks Prachi how Mihika got kidnapped. Shahana reveals the truth to him. Mihika comes there and says Rhea can save me but she didn’t. Shahana says Rhea was trapped in her plan. Mihika says Rhea is safe but I’m not safe and I’m still under their surveillance and they will kill me if I tried to outsmart them so think of a way to deal with them. She leaves. Sid feels bad. Prachi asks him to wait for some time as they can expose Rhea with a report then her game will be ended.

Episode ends.

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