Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2021 Written Update: Pragya and Mitali stops Aliya before she gets strucked in Tanu’s trap


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Episode starts with Abhi reaches to court. Dadi and Pragya meets him and Baljeet hugs him in tears. Abhi reassures her nothing will happen to him. Pragya tells to Abhi that she have Tanu’s confession to prove his innocence. Ranbir hugs Abhi and he asks Ranbir to take care of both families until he returns to home. Ranbir agrees than Prachi hugs her Dad and he asks Prachi to take care of her Mom. Inspector takes Abhi inside. Ranbir takes Baljeet while seeing Prachi.

Aliya about to fight with Tanu but Mitali stops her. Tanu continues to provoke Aliya and Aliya about to raise her hand at Tanu but Mitali and Pragya stops Aliya on time and Mitali takes Aliya inside. Tanu mocks Pragya taking her photo and tells her that it’s last time she is going to smile and wants to send this photo to Abhi but don’t know whether ps people accepts it or not because I never went to jail. Pragya says know it if allowed or not because I will send my family happy photo to you and you’re going through rot in jail. Tanu says don’t live in dream world. Pragya says let’s wait and watch because I’m going to ruin your every plan. Tanu thinks Pragya can’t win over her.

At court Pragya signs to Abhi that everything will be fine. Saritha gives prasad to Abhi. Aliya says Pragya I heard judge is good and mostly he will pass judgement in first hearing do hope Abhi returns to home with us. Tanu arrives to court room. Pragya worries about Raghuveer whereabouts. Judge arrives in the court. Aliya asks Pragya about lawyer. Pragya looks worried. Mr Singhania points absence of Abhi’s lawyer. Pragya says their lawyer Raghuveer Mishra will arrive soon. Mr Singhania says how Abhi raped Tanu and he requests judge to give severe punishment to Abhi. Pragya says rape didn’t happened sir, it’s revenge plan of Tanu. Judge asks her to stay silent. Mr Singhania submits CCTV footage and photos to judge and tells to judge that every lawyer refused to take up Abhi’s case because they Knows Tanu is victim so please punish Abhi. Aliya leaves. Pragya in tears says all are lying. Judge gives her 5m time to get her lawyer to prove Abhi’s innocence. Pragya cries helplessly.

Pragya goes outside where Aliya confronts Pragya about their lawyer. Pragya says she trusts Raghuveer and promises to Aliya that they will win the case for sure. Aliya warns saying she don’t know what she may do if something happens to her brother. Pragya goes to look for Raghuveer. Saritha feels worried than Baljeet tells to Saritha that they have proof to prove Abhi innocence. Rhea feels suffocating than Ranbir tries to help her, Abhi’s is glad to see them together. Prachi stands next to Abhi and assures him that Pragya will prove his innocence. Abhi tells her he trusts Pragya. Ranbir feels tensed about their lawyer and sees Tanu leaving the court room.

Episode ends.

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