Kundali Bhagya 10th March 2023 Written Update: Karan vows to save his baby and Preeta from Anjali


Episode begins with Nidhi tells Karan that she is sure someone is helping Anjali. She finds Anjali’s note and she reads it. Anjali asks Nidhi to meet her at hill road alone. She says that she want Karan to return to Luthra house and wait for her call. Nidhi apologizes to Karan. Karan asks her to go to Anjali and save his baby. He says that he won’t spare Anjali if anything happened to his baby then. Nidhi leaves from there. Karan breaks the things in anger. Srishti asks Karan to not waste his energy. Karan says that Anjali crossed all the limits.

On the other hand, Anjali recalls the incidents which happened in her life. Nidhi comes there. Anjali points a gun at Nidhi. She tells her that the latter tried to ruin her life. In the Luthra house, Karan asks Police inspector to do something and save his baby.

Anjali tells Nidhi that she will get Karan and no one can stop their marriage. Nidhi asks her to change. Anjali tells her to wait and watch to know her plan. She calls Karan and tells him that she kidnapped Preeta too. She says that they are safe with her for now and disconnects the call. Nidhi asks Anjali to stop all this. She says that Karan will just hate Anjali due to her actions.

Karan calls Mahesh and asks him to check if Preeta is in her room or not. Luthras goes to Preeta’s room and learns that Preeta is missing. Karan informs Luthras that Anjali kidnapped Preeta too. Rakhi cries hearing him. Mahesh asks Karan to not worry about them. He informs him that Rishabh went to baby care unit to bring the other baby and they will reach Luthra house soon. Karan promises to him that he will bring Preeta and the baby house and disconnects the call. Police inspector tells Karan that they did not find the location yet.

Priyanka asks Anjali that what if Karan does not come. Anjali says that Karan love his baby so he will come and plead her to marry him. Sambhu brings the unconscious Preeta there. Anjali says that her marriage will happen with Karan for sure. She tells Sambhu to keep an eye on Preeta. She goes to get ready as bride. Sambhu says that Anjali is psycho for sure.

Karan tells Rishabh that Preeta and baby are in Anjali’s custody. Rakhi hope that Anjali don’t hurt Preeta and baby. Priyanka compliments Anjali. Anjali calls Karan. Police inspector tells his team to trace the call. Anjali tells Karan to meet her at new location. Karan tells her that he never thought she will stoop this low. He asks her that where is she now. She tells him that her man will bring him to her. She warns him to come alone and disconnects the call. Police fails to trace the call. She tells Sambhu to bring Karan. Karan leaves the house.

Episode ends.