Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th March 2023 Written Update: Tara is punished by Simar and Aarav


Episode starts with an awestrucking revelation in Oswaal family. Simar and Vivaan with the help of Suraj, finds out that Aarav’s body is possessed by a venomous snake. But when Vivaan asks why would he accept Suraj as his own brother, then Suraj denies to give any prove, as his behaviour itself is prove of his identity. He also shows something specific gesture which only Aarav could know. Vivaan believes him without any doubt then he hugs him. Simar also touches his feet with respect. Now this new Aarav gets relieved getting back his dear one. Vivaan is suggested to return in his position, Simar hopes that tomorrow a new and happy day will come in their family. Here, Simar pretends to be offended on Suraj as he left function without informing her. Evil Aarav starts to believe her.

Here, Reema keeps in milk glass to drink, Vivaan mixes some sleeping pills in that glass avoiding her eyes. Vivaan understands he has nothing to do except this. When Reema drinks the milk, she falls asleep in the bed. Then they three consult with each other how would they cook the goose of the evils. Then they suddenly notice Aarav is going to somewhere. Vivaan is asked to follow the Nag. Vivaan sees that Aarav discusses with Tara which surprises Vivaan. Here, the evil snake proudly showcases his intelligency to Tara. Vivaan, listening their conversation, becomes very rude. He also listens, that they’re planning about killing Simar and also the conspiracy of Ichhamani. As the nag have been waiting for years to be the most powerful creature in the that universe. Tara says she herself will come see the real battlefield in the Oswaal family.

Here, Simar and Aarav come to search the hut of that deceased Brahmin to find out the solution, as they have to get some clues from the hut. When they continue their searching, Simar exposes two interessting, she thinks that these two will help them to cease the evils from their destructive activity. Simar recalls the words of Brahmin, as he used to suggest meditation for knowing something from deep. Simar decides to sit down to meditate. After closing her eyes, she is asked to open the eyes, then the Brahmin appears in front of her. He is asked for some blessing so Simar could punish those evils. Then Brahmin these two bin and pitara will help her reaching the goal. The Brahmin says they have to lock the evil in that pitara. He also alerts her about the forthcoming danger. He alarms her about Tara.

Ahead, Simar is asked to collect some Ganga water as this will be the exact medicine for snake. But Simar promises to Aarav that she will bring the happiness back in the family again. Here, Vivaan reaches to Tara and mocks at her. He also threats her as she captivated Reema. Then Simar and Aarav also come and bound her hands. Then again she is threatened by Simar and Aarav. Becoming more furious, Tara can’t control her weath. She is punished by Simar and Aarav both and then she is locked in her previous pot.

Episode ends.