Meet 10th March 2023 Written Update: Meet decides to compete with honesty


In today’s episode, Neighbours criticize Meet’s dressing sense. Mahendra announces in Mike that women can never compete with men. Chanda says that she is hopeful about Meet’s victory and Manmeet’s defeat. Meghna tells Sundari that she will cheer for Meet. Sundari says that she will pray for Meet’s victory but can’t support her openly. Mahenda announces about the prizes. Sp bhati arrives there to witness the wrestling match. Yashoda spots him and calls him for a conversation. Yashoda asks him to get ready to see Meet’s defeat. She asks him to book hospital bed for Meet in advance as she will need it after the match ends. Sp Bhati leaves. Yashoda gives a sarcastic smile.

Meet warns Manmeet to not underestimate her as women are the part of powerful deities. She asks him to be afraid of Meet’s will power. The match starts. Audience cheers for Manmeet. Manmeet feels itching sensation in his entire body. He says that he is ashamed as he is competing with a girl. He puts forth some conditions. Everyone looks clueless. Manmeet converses with the match coordinator. Chanda asks Meet if she has applied the powder on Manmeet’s costume. Meet says no as she wants to fight with honesty.

Chanda gets astonished. She shows disbelief in Meet and says that Manmeet will beat her in the blink of an eye. Meet recalls Yashoda’s words and says that she wants to fight without taking any help from anyone. She wishes to prove that women are not weak and women means strength. Manmeet announces that the rules will be different this time. He says that Meet Hooda will be given some advantages in the match unlike him. He says that he won’t give her any fight for the first ten minutes if Meet can throw him on mud or beat him by that time she will win. After those ten minutes he will give her fight for next two minutes.

If Meet can stand infront of him for those two minutes she will win the match. Audience cheer up for Manmeet. Mahendra says that Meet will lose no matter what. Chanda praises Manmeet’s rules. The timing starts. Chanda and her team cheer for Meet. Meet fails to make Manmeet move from his position and she falls. Meet doesn’t not give up. She stands up and tries again. She fails many time but keeps trying harder everytime. She falls on the ground again and again. First ten minutes ends.

Meet fails to make Manmeet move. Audience cheer for Manmeet. Manmeet encourages Meet to stand up on her feet again. Yashoda becomes happy and tells Shagun that now noone can separate her and Manmeet. The next two minutes starts. Manmeet attacks Meet and throws her on the mud. Yashoda and Shagun become super happy. Mahendra says that today Meet’s pride is also broken along with her bones. Meet keeps lying on the ground. Sundari, Anuja cry for her. Anuja, Meghna and Chanda encourage her to stand up on her feet again.

The episode ends.