Lag Ja Gale 10th March 2023 Written Update: Shiv books Ishani’s service


In today’s episode, Randeep asks Puja to stay back after office hours to do planning for Holi and tasting the sweets. Puja happily agrees. Randeep asks about Ishani’s opinion. Ishani gets embarrassed and says that she has no problem, Puja can do anything that she wants. He doubts if Shiv is the reason for Ishani’s changed behaviour. Ishani says it’s nothing like that. Ishani gears up to deliver pizza to Shiv’s alike. He wakes up from his sleep after recalling some past moments. Ishani gets wet as it starts raining all of a sudden. Ishani calls him for the delivery. He hides thinking it’s police. He observes Ishani. Ishani removes her hair band and moves her wet hair. He admires Ishani.

Ishani calls him but he doesn’t pick it up. Ishani goes to leave. He stops Ishani. Yash sees Puja’s name in employee list of hotel and wonders if she is Ishani’s sister. He questions Randeep about the matter. Randeep says that she is Puja Kulkarni, sister of Ishani Kulkarni, has joined their hotel recently. Yash gets excited. Randeep asks him why he is blushing. Yash gets embarrassed and hides his feelings. Randeep says that their pair will look great. Ishani and her friend come to Dhooper house for a pampering session. Kiran becomes happy seeing her.

Kiran asks her how is she now and mentions about the kidnapping incident. Kiran asks who did the booking. Ishani says that Shiv did the booking for Holi occasion. Yash goes to a room and misses Ani. Ishani does pedicure of Kiran and Sashi. They praise Ishani’s work. Meena comes there and sees everything. She says that she has done a lot of shopping today. She shows off a costly necklace to everyone that she has purchased for herself. She learns that Shiv has booked the pampering session for all the ladies of the house on the occasion of Holi. She praises Shiv sarcastically for taking care of his family members.

Ishani goes to bring fresh water for her next session. She collides with someone. She and Shiv get shocked seeing each other. Shiv’s coat gets wet. They criticize each other and have an argument as always. Yash wishes to have breakfast in restaurant. He calls the manager and enquires about the menu. Manager informs him about the new intern Pooja and praises her. Yash gets excited. He wishes to see Puja today. Puja brings the breakfast for Yash. Yash sees her and gets mesmerized. Puja keeps the order on table. She thanks Yash and leaves from there.

Shiv asks the ladies if the experience is good. He asks them to rate Ishani after seeing the whole work. Kiran praises Ishani and says that she deserves a seven star rating. Ishani confidently looks at Shiv. Shiv asks them to enjoy themselves and leaves for his hotel. Meena says that she is tired as she is back from shipping. She asks Ishani to pamper her first. Ishani applies mask on her face. The necklace falls on to Ishani’s bag from her lap.

The episode ends.