Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Natasha and Roxy decides to kill Karan and Preeta


Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Srishti and Sameer picks Rishabh on the way. Rishabh asks Srishti to drive slowly. He sends message to Karan and he informs about it to Sameer. On the other hand, Karan and Preeta goes to the dance floor and dances (Tumhe dil de baithe hai hum song plays in the background ). Natasha and Roxy dances hiding from Karan and Preeta. Aakash forgets the dance steps so Neha asks Karan to dance with her. Aakash dances with Preeta. Then Karan and Preeta dances again. Dance performance gets over.

Karan tells Preeta that Rishabh sent message. He gets shocked reading Rishabh’s message. Preeta asks him that what happened. He tells her that Natasha and Roxy tried to kill him. And he will make sure they gets attested. She tells him that they don’t know about Natasha and Roxy’s whereabouts. He tells her that they are in Manali only that’s why Rishabh alerted him. He says that he won’t spare Natasha and Roxy.

Natasha and Roxy overhears their conversation and they goes to their room. Roxy says that Karan and Preeta has to die. Natasha agrees with him. She says that they have to kill Karan and Preeta to save themselves. But they can’t go out due to landslide. He tells her that they have to kill Karan and Preeta in the hotel.

Meanwhile, Rishabh taunts driver for driving the cab slowly. Srishti apologizes to driver. Manager apologizes to Karan and Preeta. He says that he thought guests will vacate the cottage today but it will take 2 more days. Karan scolds him for poor service. Preeta asks him to calm down. Natasha overhears their conversation and leaves from there. Roxy calls Natasha and tells her that he brought kerosene and he is waiting in the car parking area.

Preeta tells Karan that this room is good too. Karan gives dresses as gift to her. He tells her that he want her to wear them. He shows the dresses to her ( Pehli baar hai ji song plays in the background ). She gets shocked seeing the short dresses and she shook her head. He gives one dress to her. She takes it and enters the bathroom. She comes out wearing that dress. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He dances with her.

In the parking area, Natasha and Roxy takes the kerosene cane from car dicky and goes inside. Preeta tries to leave but Karan stops her ( Tere naam ki koi sadak hai na song plays in the background ). She runs inside the room. She takes another dress and enters the bathroom. He waits for her. She comes out. He holds her hand and places a kiss on her hand. He tries to kiss her again but she runs from there. He follows her.

Episode ends.

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