Main Hoon Aparajita 25th June 2023 Written Update: Aparajita’s show ended on a happy note

Main Hoon Aparajita 25th June 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aparajita’s family giving a surprise to Nia. Nia comes into Akshay’s room and all of them wish her a happy birthday. Aparajita cheers up Nia and says she needs to enjoy her birthday. Nia cuts the cake and enjoys her birthday. Disha tries to apply cake to Nia’s face. Aparajita hears beeping sounds from Akshay’s machines. Aparajita asks Disha to call the doctor.

The doctor checks Akshay and asks Aparajita if Akshay took some kind of wrong medicine. Aparajita recalls Mohini coming to meet Akshay. Aparajita checks Akshay’s legs and finds Mohini’s ring. The doctor sees the ring and says there is some kind of poison on the ring. Mohini thinks to herself that by tomorrow morning Akshay will be dead.

Aparajita asks the doctor if Akshay will be fine. The doctor says he gave the antidote but only time will tell if he will regain consciousness or not? Aparajita hearing this decides to pray to God with all of her daughters. Aparajitha says to Akshay that they will not stop giving Aarthi until Akshay regains consciousness. Disha while giving Aarti feels dizzy. Arjun takes the Aarti from Disha. Disha falls and is about to hit her head to the floor but Akshay saves Disha. Disha says to her family that Akshay saved her. Nia says this is the best gift ever. Akshay regains consciousness. Aparajita thanks God.

In the news, it is shown Mohini has gotten a life sentence after 9 months trail. Dadi thinks Mohini completely deserves that punishment.

Akshay comes to Aparajita and talks to her. Aparajita asks Akshay why is he not resting? Akshay says he is fed up resting so he took a break from resting. Akshay asks Aparajita if he read the letters that he left in her room. Akshay says to Aparajita that he wants to start her relationship afresh. Aparajita asks Akshay to leave the past in the past and says they can only be friends. Aparajita reminds Akshay that he is going to be a grandpa soon. Disha is shown to be nine months pregnant. Arjun asks Disha to take rest. Disha says she can’t take a rest as today is Asha Laundry’s new branch opening. Akshay comments on Disha. Aparajita says Disha is just like her dad. Aparajitha and Akshay talk about Chavi. Chavi is shown to be coming to Aparajita’s laundry. Some guys try to eve tease Chavi. Akshay tries to go help her. Aparajita says Chavi can handle herself. Chavi beats the crap out of those guys and sends them away. Akshay praises Chavi and says she changed a lot. Akshay later teases Chavi that they should do Chavi’s marriage with Kabir pretty soon. Chavi asks Akshay not to tease her. Nia comes in an air hostess uniform and asks them how is she? Akshay congratulates Nia as today is her first flight as an air hostess. Asha decides to take a selfie of all of their family but Disha gets her water broken. Aparajita asks Nia to leave as today is her first day and they will join Disha in the hospital. Nia agrees.

The doctor comes and gives good news to Aparajita’s family that a baby boy is born.

Aparajita’s family warmly welcomes Arjun and Disha with the baby boy. Dadi gives the baby to both Akshay and Aparajita at the same time.

All of the family goes inside. Akshay later says to Aparajita it would be good if they also could start their life afresh. Aparajita explains it is not possible. Akshay says he will not give up that easily. Arjun takes a selfie with all of Aparajita’s family.

Episode ends.

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