Meet 14th June 2022 Written Update: Babita supports Sunaina


Meet 14th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sunaina saying she will legally adopt Meet’s child. Her child will grow up in front of her but will call Sunaina as her mother. She adds Meet called her elder sister then will she be be able to give her child to Sunaina? Can she make her happy by fulfilling her wish? Sunaina requests her but Meet denies saying she cant give her child to Sunaina. Sunaina calls her selfish saying she only cares about her own happiness, not about others. Sunaina leaves and Meet tells her family to leave without worrying. Meet Ahlawat says they should take a break and Meet also needs rest. Meet Ahlawat takes her to room.

Raj tells Babita that Sunaina was never like that then why she did it today. Babita says but Meet also behaved very strangely today. She never thought before helping anyone then why she refused to give her child to Sunaina. Raj says Sunaina’s demand was not acceptable. Babita says Meet can get pregnant for the second time but Sunaina can’t. If Meet gives her child to Sunaina then latter will start living happily. Though Sunaina will be the mother of the child but Meet can still love her child as she/he will live in the same house. Babita supports Sunaina’s demand.

Meet Ahlawat tells Meet to relax as she was standing for long. He gives her foot massage and shares his feelings that though he is attached to their child but he can understand Tej and Sunaina need to stay happy together too so he won’t mind if he gives his child to them. But Meet seems upset with that. Meet says she refused to give her child because she wants to feel the motherly instinct and it gives her a feeling of completeness. She can’t miss to experience that. Masoom sees Sunaina is all set to leave the house so she feels happy but then she manipulates her by showing fake sympathy that noone understood her feelings today. Noone consoled her today. Masoom says she was ready to give Duggu to her but Meet didn’t feel her pain. Sunaina says only Masoom is the good person in this house.

Hosiyar tells Masoom not to brainwash Sunaina. Meet won’t let her break the bonding of the family members. Masoom says she didn’t ask for his opinion. Sunaina tries to leave but Tej stops her. She says he should not lecture her now, he insulted her after her performance. Tej says that was a disgusting act where she insulted Meet. Babita tells Sunaina to stop but the latter vents out her frustration saying she cant give heir to the family thus noone took her side today. Everyone is loving Meet because she is giving heir to the family. She won’t stay at a place where noone respects her. Babita asks Meet to stop Sunaina. Meet says she won’t stop Sunaina from leaving today. She should not judge her in laws as they never compared between their daughter in laws.

Masoom tells Meet to give fake assurance to Sunaina atleast. Meet says she will not give her child as Sunaina can’t be a good mother. She has no feelings like a mother. Good cooking skills, long hair won’t make her a mother but she should have a big heart. Meet says she even accepted Duggu thinking about her own selfish agenda. Duggu was not happy with her at all. Suhana gets shocked. Meet adds taking someone’s child forcibly is not good. Sunaina doesn’t want her child really but she is only being selfish.

Episode ends

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