Meet 1st March 2023 Written Update: Meet, Manmeet’s first shiv ratri celebration


Meet 1st March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Gunwanti informs Yashoda that Mahendra wants further investigations of all the ladies to find out the truth. Imarti gets worried. Sundari comes and says that there won’t be any more investigations as it’s Anuja who smokes. Everyone gets shocked including Meet. Yashoda lashes out at Anuja. Sundari scolds Anuja and slaps her. She says that she will punish Anuja for her deeds and asks her to come with her. She locks Anuja inside room and toungelashes her. Yashoda goes inside to take medicine. Flashback shows that it was a plan of Sundari and Anuja so that Anuja can escape from the house and reach hospital.

Sundari drops a document by mistake. Meet comes to her room. Meet enquires her about the Prasad. Sundari lies that she distributed the pasad on the way. Meet confronts her regarding her lie. Sundari gives excuse. Meet picks up the document to check. Sundari takes it from her hand and leaves. Meet gets doubtful. Yashoda encourages Manmeet while feeding him. Manmeet recalls Sarkar’s words. Yashoda asks him to stay worry free and celebrate the shivratri with whole family. Manmeet feeds Yashoda back. He tells her that he hates to see sad face of Shagun. He wishes to celebrate Shivratri with her but worries if Meet will again do something to separate them both.

Yashoda says that she can’t see Manmeet in pain. She says that she will pray so that Meet exit from his life. They share an emotional hug. Sarkar family assemble in temple for Shiv ratri Puja. Meet prays for her and all the womens’ victory. She asks God to help her. Yashoda prays for Manmeet’s happiness and Meet’s eviction from his life. Shagun prays for Manmeet’s victory in the wrestling competition. Meghna tells Meet that she has seen her God in Meet. She wishes to thank Meet for her assistance. She says that she will pray to God so that Manmeet will get life partner and they get sister in law like Meet.

Meet feels odd. Meghna leaves. Shagun comes there. Meet tells Shagun that Manmeet’s family members also thinks that Meet is perfect life partner of Manmeet. She adds they also think that she will defeat Manmeet in tomorrow’s wrestling competition. She says if that happens she will be in and Shagun will be out of Sarkar Mahal. Shagun replies only time will tell and she is not at all intimated by Meet as she has full faith in Manmeet. She leaves.

Meet tells her helpers that she is unable to manipulate Shagun. Shagun and Manmeet perform the shivratri ritual. Meet sees them and says that Shagun has power of true love that’s why she is unable to manipulate her. She wonders what to do in the remaining one day to get the factory papers in her hands. Manmeet tells Narendra that he is unable to read Meet’s mind. He acknowledges her sharp mind. Narendra says that Manmeet will win the competition. Manmeet feels confident. He promises to try his heart and soul in defeating Meet. Meet looks direction less. The episode ends.

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