Junooniyatt 1st March 2023 Written Update: Jahan turns down Ilahi’s request


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The episode starts with Ilahi appreciating Jahan’s music. He praises her song too. Ilahi tells him that she was trying to find the person who was playing the harmonium. Meanwhile, Mahi inquires Jordan what happened to his hand. He tells her that he swear to prove his Junoon to everyone. Metha gives money to the singers and tells him they are here for money. Jordan takes the instruments from them and starts playing them while recalling Ilahi’s words. Dharmendar praises Jahan as he is an all rounder. Mahi notices the blood oozing out of his hand. He says to Mahi that he will definitely prove his Junoon to Dad and Ilahi. Meanwhile, Dharmendar inquires him. Did she know him? She says to him that they are both studying at the same college. He says to Jahan that he wants to thank Ilahi because she pasted the advertisement on board. He recalls the incident when he met her first. He asks him to thank her once again because she convinced him to give this room to him. Jahan thanked her.

Jordan informs his friends that he is going to make Ilahi crazy about him. Ilahi notices Jahan’s diary. She asks him didn’t he argue with him about this diary? It may be important to him. Jahan tells her that it’s very important to him. He asks her to read it. She reads the lyrics he wrote in his diary. She admires the lyrics he wrote. She recalls the incident when she read the lyrics by him. He plays the instruments. Ilahi starts singing there. Jahan says to Ilahi that his music was alive after she gives voice to his lyrics. He was searching for a person. He found her. Ilahi recalls Biji’s warning to stay away from music. She notices the advertisement for the Indian voice competition. It’s her dream to participate in this competition. Jahan tells her it was his dream too.

Ilahi’s face fell. Jahan tells her that he is aware Biji was the reason. He noticed her in the music room. She looks strict. Ilahi says that she may be strict but cares for her. She isn’t allowing her to participate in the competition. Jahan inquires her about her family. Ilahi was disappointed to hear it. Meanwhile, Biji visits Maan’s house. She meets the groom. Ginni opens her mouth after noticing the jewels on him. Shabnam asks them to fix her alliance. Let’s arrange an engagement next week. Biji asks for time for them but Ginni agrees to Shabnam’s idea. Later, Ilahi says to Jahan, let’s practice together. He was searching for a person to practice with her. It’s her dream to win the competition. He is not only a friend to her, but also a partner. Jahan recalls his parents’ advice and refuses to help her. Ilahi questions him what happened? He shares his grief with Ilahi. Ilahi asks him. Did he think that she would betray him? He denies it and says that it’s his problem. Ilahi walks away from there. Jahan thinks that he is destined to be alone. Ilahi thinks that everyone is taking it as a competition. Who will dare to share their secrets with each other? Meanwhile, Jordan and his friends arrive there. His friend tells him it seems some wedding will take place here.

Ilahi shares everything with Husna. She complained to her that he was behaving weirdly. Why doesn’t he help her? Ilahi tells her it’s her mistake to ask him for help. Later, Biji taunts Ginni for rushing up. Ginni tells her that she was blind in love with her granddaughter. What if she falls in love with someone else at the college. Biji says to Ginni that his granddaughter isn’t like that. Didn’t Diljhot Eloped from home. Nowadays, the younger generation are falling in love asap. Jordan knocks on the door. Husna tries to convince Ilahi but she is adamant about her decision. She opens the door and gets shocked.

Episode end

Precap; Ilahi will say to Jahan that they both have the same passion and junoon. Let’s help each other. Jahan and Ilahi will practice together. Jordan will go there and say to Ilahi that he will show her what’s a real junoon. The groom will think that Ilahi is his.

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