Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 1st March 2023 Written Update: Ravi opposes Mandeep


Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 1st March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Ravi brings Pratiksha inside Randhawa house. Dolly, Harneet get shocked. Beeji says regardless the situation they have to perform the grahpravesh ritual of Pratiksha. Kavya comes there and says that she will perform the grahpravesh ritual with Ravi not Pratiksha. Ravi asks her to stop. Kavya questions Ravi for abondoning her in mandap. Ravi says it’s not a happy marriage as he married Pratiksha to take revenge against her for Keerti’s death. Dadi orders Nupur to bring Shagun ki plate. Kavya stops her again and asks Dadi to do her grahpravesh.

According to her Pratiksha does not deserve any welcome at Randhawa house. Dadi says that Ravi has married Pratiksha not Kavya so she has to welcome Pratiksha not Kavya. Ravi tries to remove Kavya. Kavya asks Ravi if he always wanted this. Ravi says no way he loved Keerti only now he has no love for anyone else. Beeji gears up to perform the ritual. Mandeep throws away the plate. She announces that she can’t accept Pratiksha as her daughter in law. She says it’s her house and she doesn’t want Pratiksha there.

Beeji gets enraged and says the house belongs to them all and first to her as she is the senior most member of the house. Mandeep criticizes Ravi for marrying killer Pratiksha. Ravi says that he wants to see Pratiksha’s suffering that is why he has married her. He says that he wants to punish Pratiksha for her deeds. Mandeep asks Ravi why he is trying to replace the God. According to her if Pratiksha is guilty God will punish her not Ravi. Amardeep scolds Ravi for his actions. Mandeep holds Pratiksha responsible for the rift between Amardeep and Ravi.

She toungelashes Pratiksha and calls her a black dot. She calls Pratiksha classless and poor. She says that Pratiksha doesn’t deserve to be Ravi’s wife from any angle. Kavya supports her. Mandeep says only Kavya can become her daughter in law. Ravi says that her wish will get fulfilled later not right now. Mandeep says that Ravi can stay at the house but there is no place for Pratiksha in the house. Ravi opposes Mandeep and says that he has married Pratiksha, she will stay there with him in his house only. Kavya questions Ravi if he has fallen in love with Pratiksha.

Ravi says that he has loved Keerti only. He says that he has unconditional love for Keerti and endless hate for Pratiksha now. Beeji announce that the house still belongs to her. She says that she doesn’t know if Pratiksha killed Keerti or not but she is Ravi’s wife for her. She says that she will definitely perform the grahpravesh ritual of Pratiksha.

Pratik seeks his senior’s help in the matter. Malhar tells him that he will not let anything happen to Pratiksha. Hansa mocks him for not being able to do anything or stop Ravi. she criticizes Pratik for not paying attention to her words earlier. Pratik says that he will not spare Ravi at any cost and bring Pratiksha back. The episode ends.

Precap – Beeji goes to perform the ritual. Kavya says if Pratiksha enters the house she will commit suicide. Ravi asks her to not give threats as noone cares. Kavya falls from the stairs.

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