Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 28th February 2023 Written Update: Ravi is granted bail


Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 28th February 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Ravi shows his handcuffs to Pratiksha’s family and goes behind the bars. He tells Police that it’s matter of sometimes only as soon Gulshan Sachdeva will come for his bail. Hansa asks Malhar to do anything but not let Ravi come out of jai. Ravi reminds them that he is the influential Ravi Randhawa. Malhar says that Ravi can be an influential person but he forcefully married his would be wife and it’s a crime. Ravi asks him to read about Marriage Act and educate himself. Pratiksha sits quitely. Pratik says that he will not spare Ravi. Hansa toungelashes Ravi. Pratiksha goes to Ravi and asks why he married her. Ravi again says that he married her for revenge.

Amardeep and Mandeep appear in the police station. They question Ravi for marrying killer Pratiksha. Hansa, Pratik and Malhar complain to them about Ravi. Amardeep asks Ravi how can he spend his entire life with Pratiksha. Ravi says that today’s marriages are like OTPs, they expire soon. He says that he married Pratiksha for revenge not to stay with her whole life. Ravi and Pratiksha’s family blame each other for the marriage. Ravi asks Amardeep to call Gulshan for his bail. Amardeep informs Ravi that Gulshan has ended his friendship with them for what Ravi did with Kavya. Ravi apologies to him and promises to fix everything. Mandeep says that she will never accept Pratiksha as Ravi’s wife.

Malhar says this marriage is invalid. Ravi says that their marriage included everything pandit, mantras, pheras, sindoor, mangalsutra. Malhar calls the pandit and asks him to come to police station. Pandit comes and hears everything. Pratiksha keeps her fingers crossed. Pandit calls the marriage hundred percent vaild. Malhar then says he will never let Ravi come out of the jail. Just then Aditya comes with lawyer. Ravi is granted bail. Malhar, Hansa try to stop the bail but in vain. Ravi asks Pratiksha to get ready to leave for his house. Pratiksha thinks if she stays back at Pratik’s house he and Hansa will face humiliation in society and she can’t afford that.

Pratik tells Pratiksha to come with them. Pratiksha says that she will go with Ravi. Pratik asks her the reason. Pratiksha says that she wants to accept her destiny and moreover she is choosing her destruction over Pratik’s humiliation. Pratik asks her to not worry about the society and all. Pratiksha does not listen. Later, Pratiksha cries holding Pratik. Ravi ask her to accompany him without delay. At Randhawa house, Nupur enquires about Pratiksha’s grahpravesh ritual. Dadi says that regardless the situation they have to perform all the rituals religiously.

Harneet tries to raise objection. She says that Mandeep will never give permission for this. Dadi says that she is the eldest member of the family and she is still alive so she will take the decision not anyone else. She orders Nupur to prepare shagun ki thali. Ravi comes home with Pratiksha. He orders her to come out the car. Pratiksha remains seated. Ravi forcefully brings her out and tries to drag her inside. The episode ends.

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