Meet 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat chooses cloth for Manjiri for Isha’s engagement


Meet 23rd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat stopping Meet from leaving. He asks Manjiri to marry him. He gets down on his knees and proposes to her. Meet is shocked to see him like that and she gets nervous. She asks him if he is joking. She says she just looks like Meet Hooda not his wife in real. He says he is not considering her as his wife, though he was confused at first but now he believes she is Manjiri not his cheater wife. So he can give her all the happiness which she imagined to get from her future husband.

Meet thinks what happened to Meet Ahlawat that he forgot her and wants to marry Manjiri? She says she doesn’t want to marry him and she is not interested. He says she should think again as someday she will get married to someone and he will become the best husband for her. He will give her everything what a girl wants, a happy family, husband’s love etc. Meet gets disheartened thinking Meet Ahlawat changed a lot. He says he will compliment her everyday and he doesn’t want to remember his wife again as he is also guilty for giving her the chance everyday to cheat on him.

Meet Ahlawat tells Meet to think again as after being called as his wife society won’t consider her as pure. She says is he blackmailing her? He says he is saying the practical things. She is the exact transformation of his wife which he used to imagine in his dreams. Meet can’t match Manjiri as she is cheap, mean, classless etc. Meet shuts him up saying he should not praise Manjiri that much as she is not used to it. Meet Ahlawat tells her to decide quickly as he can’t wait for long. They can be together. He thinks this will hurt Meet that he loves Manjiri and she will reveal her truth soon.

Meet leaves upset and starts crying in her room. Popat asks her what happened to her suddenly? Meet hugs her and cries saying Meet Ahlawat proposed Manjiri today for marriage. Popat says that’s a big news as he also started believing she is not Meet. She can now execute her plan properly against Manushi. Meet says she never though Meet Ahlawat would do something like this but still she wants to know about her baby so she will continue to act.

Ragini tells Ram that they can’t give the Laxmi idol to Barfi, it was given by Guruji for their family’s wellbeing. Ram says Barfi is greedy and stubborn. She will cancel the wedding if they don’t fulfil her demands. They have no choice. He feels helpless, Isha arrives and tells them that Babita brought Sagai clothes for them. Ragini is about to tell Isha about Barfi’s demand but Ram signals her not to do that. Ram says Ragini is just being sad as Isha will go to her in laws’ house.

Babita tells everyone to choose their clothes for the engagement. Raj comes there with Meet Ahlawat and enjoys watching that. Raj tells Babita that he will decide what will she wear during the function. Isha tells Meet Ahlawat to select a dress for her. Meet Ahlawat selects one gorgeous dress for Meet and says this dress is made for her only so she should only wear this. Meet is surprised to hear that. Masoom is shocked and Raj tells her that she can see how much Meet Ahlawat loves his wife. Meet Ahlawat gives his hand to Meet and she hesitates. He tells her to hold his hand.

Episode ends

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