Meet 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Swamiji suggests a remedy to Yashoda


Meet 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Swamiji comes in. Yashoda says that he suggested a remedy for Manmeet in childhood. She gears up to meet him. She wishes to ask him how Manmeet will get rid of Meet. Narendra, Swapna confront Imarti. Narendra asks Imarti whose baby she is carrying. Imarti says it doesn’t matter this baby is like a key for her stay in the house. Narendra questions her for cheating Sarkar. Imarti says that Narendra and Swapna are doing the same. She challenges them to inform the truth to everyone. Then she warns both to keep their mouth shut. She leaves.

Swapna asks Narendra when they are leaving for the city. Imarti hears everything secretly. She plans to bribe Gunni so that she informs the family that she is pregnant and carrying a baby boy. She wonders how to arrange the money. Pandit ji elaborates about the significance of maha Shivaratri puja. Swapna tells Narendra about an auspicious garland. She believes if they get it their baby will get God’s blessings. Imarti hopes to get the garland too. Shagun tells Manmeet that the garland will find their neck today.

Manmeet adds that whichever couple finds the garland, none can separate them ever. Shagun looks confident. Flashback reveals that Shagun bribed pandit so that he throws the garland on her and Manmeet. Meet’s helpers worry for Meet. Anuja gets ready to leave for the hospital. Sundari gets emotional. She gives the remaining amount to her. They share a hug. Sundari asks Anuja to leave secretly. Yashoda asks Swamiji to suggest a remedy to evict Meet. Pandit throws few garlands.

Few couples get them. Chanda suggests Meet to bribe Pandit to throw a garland on her and Manmeet in order to scare Shagun. Meet says that she can do anything to fulfill Meet’s dream but can’t play with rituals. Meet prays God to help her. Meet comes forward and stumbles. Pandit throws the garland aiming at Shagun and Manmeet. The garland finds Meet and Manmeet’s neck. Everyone gets stunned. Shagun gets upset.

Swapna becomes happy. Manmeet gives the garland to Meet. Pandit says that the couples got the garland are inseparable, none can separate them till eternity. He asks Meet and Manmeet to do the shiv ratri Puja. Manmeet refuses. Shagun questions Pandit. Pandit says that he aimed at her and Manmeet only. Chanda suggests Meet to take advantage of the situation. Meet asks Manmeet to do the shiv ratri Puja with her so that villagers don’t misunderstand them. Meet and Manmeet pour holy water on shiv ling. Shagun gets irked. Yashoda gives angry look.

Swamiji tells Yashoda that Meet will never go away from Manmeet’s life. Yashoda gets shocked. She is in disbelief and says this can’t happen. Swamiji says that Meet and Manmeet have got the auspicious garland on this special day which has a lot of significance. Yashoda doesn’t agree and asks him to suggest some remedies. He suggests Yashoda to kick Meet out of house tonight otherwise Meet will never leave their house. Manmeet prays for Meet’s defeat and her eviction from his life. Meet prays for her victory and God’s assistance. The episode ends.

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