Junooniyatt 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Ilahi avoids Jordan


Junooniyatt 2nd March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Jordan pressing the calling bell. Ilahi opens the door and notices Biji there. She asks her why she didn’t turn on the lights. She turns on the light. Husna says to Biji that she invited Ilahi to attend the function and do make-up. But she isn’t going with her. Biji gives permission to do make-up. Meanwhile, Jordan notices Ilahi’s niece. He inquires him about Ilahi. Jordan introduces him as Ilahi’s friend. He scolds him for lying. He knew every friend of hers. He demanded him to leave. He somehow collects the details from him. Jordan asks his servant to send clothes for him. Meanwhile, Husna appreciates Ilahi’s appearance. Meanwhile, Jahan contacts his mom. She praises his appearance. He tells her that Dharmendar asked him to wear it. He shares with her that one girl asked him to practice with her. He doesn’t want to practice with her because he fears that she will snatch his dream. She gives permission for him to practice with her.

Meanwhile, Jordan gives a bouquet to Husna. She doubts why he is here? He lies to her that she invited him to attend her sister’s wedding. Husna admires him. He inquires her about Ilahi? He was lost in her beauty. He shares his plan with his friend. Later, Dharmendar appreciates Jahan’s appearance. He asks her if everyone attends the function? Ilahi is shocked to meet Jordan at the function. He tries to talk with her but she refuses to talk with him. She avoids him but he is following her behind. He asks her to be friends with him. He tells her that Husna invited him. She asks him not to trouble her. She asks Husna to deal with him and leaves. Jordan’s friends doubt what he is up to? He was behind her. Meanwhile, Jahan comes there and admires Ilahi’s beauty.

Ilahi’s niece stops Jordan and tells him that he is keeping an eye on him. Jordan manages him and leaves. Jahan asks Ilahi to serve golgappe to him. She avoids him. He thinks that he had come to apologise to her. She seemed to be angry with him. Later, Ilahi says to Husna that Jordan and Jahan came here. Husna was happy to hear it. Meanwhile, Jahan tries to talk with Ilahi but she avoids him. He asks her to give him only a few minutes’ time for him. Ilahi tells him that she doesn’t want to talk with him. Jordan comes there. He tells her that he may be in love with him. That is why he is following him here. Ilahi says that they are here to eat the free food, it seems. She asks them to stop arguing that it’s her best friend’s sister’s wedding. Both are arguing with each other. Ilahi asks them to stop creating a scene. Jahan and Jordan are having a verbal war.

Dhol plays there. Ilahi goes there. Jahan and Jordan follow her behind. Husna leaves to take Arathi Thaal. Ilahi requests Jahan and Jordan not to create any scene there. Jahan and Jordan decide to sing there.

Episode end

Jahan and Jordan will dance together. Meanwhile, Amardeep will threaten Biji that he won’t leave anyone who troubles Ilahi. Later, Jahan will apologize to Ilahi for hurting her. He will assure her to practice with her.

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