Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 10th March 2023 Written Update: Gaura receives threats from Rekha


In today’s episode, Gaura requests Rekha to leave her. Kanchan sees her and informs Ganga. Ganga orders Kanchan to remove Gaura from Som’s sight. Kanchan helps Gaura and asks her to sit infront of Rekha’s dead body. Rekha warns Gaura to not approach Som otherwise the consequences won’t be pleasant for her. Gaura asks Rekha to not do this. Kanchan wonders with whom Gaura is conversing. Rekha sticks to her order. Kanchan thinks that Gaura must be in shock. Gaura goes inside. Kanchan tells Ganga that Gaura is behaving weirdly.

Ganga orders her to bring Gaura to avoid face loss in society. Kanchan agrees and goes inside. Gaura hides under bed cover. She prays to God to protect her from Rekha. Chanchal asks Gaura what’s wrong with her. Gaura says she is scared. Chanchal asks her to come and sit with other family members. Gaura says that she won’t go as she fears dead bodies. Chanchal tries to convince her but in vain. Kanchan asks Gaura to visit Rekha for the last time. Gaura says that she will keep visiting her. Kanchan gets clueless. Gaura gives excuses.

Kanchan forcefully takes Gaura downstairs. Pandit informs Rekha’s family about his prediction to her regarding her short life span. Everyone gets shocked. Som cries. Ramesh asks Pandit to start the last rites ritual. Rekha tells Som that she knows only his tears are real, she promises to support him always. Gaura is brought there. Pandit says that Rekha was lucky as she died with her sindoor. He asks all the women to put sindoor on Rekha and themselves as it’s considered as auspicious. Gaura feels apprehensive. Ganga orders Kanchan to follow Pandit’s instructions.

Ganga asks Gaura to do the same. Gaura holds Som’s hand and goes to do it. Rekha warns her to not put sindoor on her. Gaura takes a back seat. Som forcefully removes her hand from his. Gaura gets shocked and tries to run away. Ganga, Kanchan capture her and force her to perform the ritual. Rekha gives death threats to Gaura and warns her to not touch her dead body. Gaura begs Kanchan and Ganga to spare her. She again gets scared seeing Rekha.

Som angrily asks Ganga and Kanchan to not force Gaura to do show off. He calls Gaura valueless. Kanchan gets Rahul’s call. She informs Rahul about Rekha’s death and asks him to come home. Rahul gets shocked. Kanchan’s husband arrives to participate in Rekha’s last rites. He learns that Kanchan is very happy with Rekha’s death.

She asks her husband to keep an eye on the whole funeral process so that Rekha can’t come back. Som sheds tears and gets Rekha’s body ready for the funeral. Ramesh sheds fake tears for Rekha. He puts sindoor on Rekha. Rekha appears. Gaura gets scared again. Rekha feels that Ramesh is showing fake tears infront of Som. She orders Gaura to remove cotton balls from the nose of her dead body. Gaura says that she can’t do it. Rekha again threatens her.

Precap – Gaura removes the cotton balls from Rekha’s nose. Som asks her if she has gone mad and pushes her. Pandit asks her to put that cotton balls back as it’s getting late. Gaura refuses.