Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 7th March 2023 Written Update: Rekha tries to bribe the Yamduts


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 7th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Ganga asks Kanchan about Gaura’s whereabouts. Kanchan says that Gaura is with Rekha, massaging her legs. Ganga gets angry. Kanchan asks her to inform Som about it, he will be happy. Ganga agrees. Ganga tells Kanchan that she will give the necklace to Gaura during her muh dikhai ceremony. She asks Kanchan to give her the necklace. Gaura says that there is no tower in her phone and goes near window for tower. She drops the phone by mistake. She fails to find Rekha’s ghost and leaves the room being scared. Kanchan tells Ganga that she will bring the necklace from Ganga’s safe. It’s revealed that the password of the safe is the birthday of Ganga.

Ganga asks Kanchan what she desires. Kanchan says that she wants the Rani necklace which Ganga made for Rekha but never gave her. Ganga says that she is planning to give all the jewleries of Rekha to Kanchan only. Rekha hears everything secretly. Kanchan becomes happy. She goes to call Gaura and bring the duplicate necklace. Rekha plans to stop Kanchan from touching her jewleries. She comes back to her room and sees that Gaura is missing. She wonders why Kanchan or Twinkle could not hear her voice. She thinks only Gaura can hear her voice. Som beats the goon who tries to harrase the girl in distress.

Som gets shocked seeing it’s Twinkle. He defeats all the goons. The goon asks Som about his relationship with the girl. Som says that Twinkle is his love. Twinkle becomes happy. Som gives her dupatta back to her. Rekha blames Gaura for her death. She thinks that Gaura must be happy now. Two men arrive at Rekha’s room and introduce themselves as Yamduts. They say that they have come to pick her up. They declare her as dead and says that she has to depart for Yamlok with them.

Rekha gets scared and requests them to spare her as she doesn’t go anywhere alone. She asks both to take Ganga with them. Rekha offers bribe to them. They get triggered and refuses to accept bribe. Rekha says that she can’t go with them. Twinkle questions Som for marrying Gaura when he is saving her from danger. Twinkle treats Som’s wound. She asks him to conceal about the matter from Gaura as it may create misunderstanding between him and Gaura. Som asks her to not mention Gaura as he doesn’t care about her.

Twinkle becomes happy. She makes Som wear the chain with rudraksha pendant which she gifted him earlier. She enquires about the saree. Som says that he has bought it for Rekha. Twinkle leaves with Som. Yamduts say that Rekha has to pay fine. Rekha says that she has no problem. She shares her grief with both saying that she is very unhappy soul as her in-laws despise her and her son is married to an uneducated girl against her wish. She says that her son needs her the most at the moment. Gaura complains to God for making her mother in law a ghost. Rekha hears her talk. The episode ends.

Precap – Rekha informs Gaura about the two Yamduts. Gaura fails to see them. Rekha asks Gaura to save her from their clutches. Yamduts try to leave with Rekha. They get electric shock by touching Rekha’s wheelchair for going against her wish. Rekha gets shocked.

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