Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th March 2023 Written Update: Mumtaz learns about Gazal’s ploy


Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Dua sees Qainat crying and asks her the matter. Qainat says that Dua has disappointed her. Dua gets clueless. Qainat says that she heard Dua and Gazal’s conversation. She asks Dua how did she changed drastically all of a sudden. Dua says it was nothing but lies. Qainat hugs her. She says sorry to Dua. Dua claims that she will either protect her family or die. She says that no matter what she still considers Ruhaan as her friend. Qainat asks Dua why she lied. Dua says that she wants to tackle Gazal in her own way. Qainat fails to understand anything. Dua informs her that Gazal is after her Haider. Qainat is in disbelief.

Dua reveals everything to her. She asks Qainat to stay strong. She believes that Gazal will make some mistakes and they have to utilise it. She says that they have to find out about Gazal’s ploys. Qainat agrees. Gulnaaz tells Gazal that she finds her dangerous. She says that she is sensing Gazal’s defeat. She worries for Ruhan’s future. Gazal wonders how Dua has changed all of a sudden. She feels that Dua is upto something. She vows to marry Haider and celebrate suhagrat with him. Gulnaaz refuses to believe her.

Dua prays to God and asks for his assistance. Gazal says that her groom with be Haider only. She shares her plan with Gulnaaz. Gulnaaz praises Gazal. Mumtaz hears everything secretly. She plans to inform Dua everything. She tries to leave secretly and breaks a flower vase by mistake. Gazal, Gulnaaz get alert. Ruhan scolds Mumtaz. Mumtaz decides to not share the news with Ruhan. She says sorry and exits. Gazal and Gulnaaz come there. Ruhan tells them about Mumtaz’s deed.

Gazal wonders what will happen if Dua gets to know that she wants to get Haider using Ruhan. Gazal takes a knife and plans to stop Mumtaz. Mumtaz collides with Noor and learns that Dua is reading namaz. Gazal captures Mumtaz. She holds knife on her neck and threatens to kill her. Gulnaaz says Gazal can’t do it. Mumtaz tries to call Qainat. Qainat fails to hear her voice as she wears earphones in her ears. Hina scolds Qainat for using earphones all day. She informs Qainat that someone was calling her from inside.

Qainat gets clueless. Mumtaz manages to drop the knife from Gazal’s hand. Gazal picks it up again. Mumtaz hides in corner. Gazal’s comes face to face with Ruhaan and hides the knife. Ruhan wishes to find his initial letter in Gazal’s hand. Gulnaaz asks him to have some shame infront of her. Gazal spots Mumtaz on the stairs and goes behind her. Gazal captures her. She threatens to kill her. She tries to choke Mumtaz using her dupatta.

Mumtaz manages to escape from her clutches and runs for her life. Dua is still offering her prayers to God. Mumtaz tries to approach Dua. Gazal gets tensed. Mumtaz meets Dua. She tells Dua that she wants to inform her something regarding Gazal. Dua grows curious.

The episode ends.