Meri Saas Bhoot Hai Upcoming Story: Gaura will put colours on herself!


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Star Bharat’s recently launched show Meri Saas Bhoot Hai is a horror comedy show which revolves around Gaura and her mother in law Rekha.

As Som and Gaura are married and Rekha has already become a ghost post her sudden death it will be interesting to see the equation of a ghost mother in law and human daughter in law.

In the previous episode, Gaura takes the cotton balls out of Rekha’s nose. Pandit instructs her to replace the cotton balls. Gaura is adamantly opposed. Everyone believes Gaura is in shock.

Pandit instructs Som to begin the last rites ritual. Som complies with his instructions. Yamduts arrive and congratulate Rekha on witnessing her own final rites. They invite Rekha to accompany them, but she declines. They prepare to force Rekha.

Gaura is touched by Rekha. By touching Rekha, the Yamduts receive an electric shock. Yamduts depart. Kanchan notices Gaura and informs Ganga that she believes she is possessed by a spirit. Gaura flees the scene. Kanchan becomes befuddled. Rekha believes she will exact vengeance on Ganga and Kanchan. She irritates them both by blowing air.

Gaura, according to Som, has always insulted her mother, so he says that he will never be in the same room with her. Ganga asks Som to let Gaura stay in the next room. Som concurs. Rekha warns Gaura not to go into Som’s room ever again. She gets the right idea to play Holi this time.

In the upcoming episode, Som is asked to participate in a ritual with Gaura. Som refuses, claiming that he does not have a partner. Som notices Gaura has put colours on herself and criticises her.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Meri Saas Bhoot Hai on Star Bharat/Hotstar and this space.