Mithai 17th August 2022 Written Update: Pramod and Abha deceive Girish by spiking his drink


Mithai 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pramod spiking water. He gives that water to Girish. Girish drinks the water. Abha thinks Girish wants to give them a 10% share but now he is not going to get anything as Pramod and I are going to share the property. Girish feels dizzy. The lawyer calls Girish to sign the papers. Pramod holds Girish. He asks him to sign the papers. Girish is about to sign the papers. Mithai comes there and asks him to not sign the papers. Girish tells her he is doing it to teach a lesson to Sid. Abha stops Mithai and asks Girish to sign the papers. Pramod instigates Girish against Sid and asks him to sign the papers to teach lesson to Sid.

Girish feels inebriated and falls unconscious. The lawyer asks them to make Girish sign in the papers to get the property otherwise you can’t even give the fee to me. Mithai says they are cheating him. Abha stops her. Pramod makes Girish gain consciousness. Mithai tells Girish that they are cheating on him. Abha ousts Mithai and closes the door. Pramod asks Girish to sign the papers. Girish signs the papers. Pramod collects those papers then he throws water at Girish’s face. Girish questions why he did it. Pramod says it’s time to settle our accounts as we are free from you.

Sid says to his grandparents that he will make Shubham get his right as Girish’s son in front of the relatives he called. Harimohan says it’s not a good idea. Sid says it’s needed to teach a lesson to Girish. Hari Mohan says Mithai must be on way. Sid says she can’t stop him too. Sid promises Shubham that he won’t let their father insult him again. Pramod and Abha leave with the Lawyer to register the papers. Pramod on call informs Agarwal that work is done. Girish falls on the floor. Mithai goes to him. Girish asks Mithai to stop them otherwise everything goes out of hand. Mithai tells him they need him not money. She calls Sid and asks him to stop Abha and Pramod telling him they cheated on Girish.

Relatives arrive at Harimohan’s house. They ask why Sid called them. Harimohan asks them to sit and waits for Sid. The doctor tells Mithai that Girish is fine and his bp is low but what he ate. Mithai looks on. Agarwals go inside with the lawyer. Abha and Pramod feel happy seeing papers. Sid comes there and snatches papers from Abha. Aditya hits Sid with a vase and takes papers. Mithai tells Doctor that Girish didn’t eat food that’s why he fell unconscious. She calls Sid but he doesn’t attend the call.

Relatives ask where is Sid. They ask Harimohan to tell them why Sid called them. Sid comes there with a bandage on his head. Harimohan asks what happened. Sid says Aditya attacked me and our family members are cheating us. He says Pramod and Abha took the sign of Girish and they snatched everything. Harimohan asks Abhishek about it. Abhishek says he doesn’t know about it.

Mithai brings Girish home by supporting him. Sid asks Mithai why she is supporting him and today his truth will be out infront of everyone. Mithai says you may not consider him as your Dad but I consider him as my father in law. Sid says Girish is the reason for all problems. Mithai asks him to not talk about it infront of others as it’s a family issue. She asks Dadu to send guests. Sid stops him and says he will expose Girish. Mithai says he can’t insult Girish in this way. Sid says Girish doesn’t deserve respect. Girish says Sid is correct and he is not a good son, husband, and Father. He says he is ready to accept his mistake. He announces infront of everyone that Shubham is his son, not an orphan. Shubham gets into tears.

Episode ends.

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