Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 10th June 2022 Written Update: Armaan provokes Saumya in the court

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 10th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the stunt master praises Saumya for her work. They pays her seventy five thousand making both Saumya and Sushma happy. Saumya gives money to the owner and asks now they can live here right. The owner says they can and leaves the place. Malini tells that this is their small victory but there is so much they have to face in this battle against Armaan and wonders how they are going to do this. Saumya tells Malini and the family members step by step she will reach the victory they are expecting by defeating Armaan. She also tells soon she will take her babies with her and they can live their life happily.

Saumya’s father praises her for being brave. Armaan looks worried. Prisha asks him the reason behind it. Armaan tells her that Saumya sent him a legal notice. Prisha gets shocked and asks him who agreed to help and work for Saumya against him. Armaan looks at the legal notice and says to Prisha even he is wondering the same then gets furious seeing it’s none other than Goldy. He feels betrayed by Goldy so calls him betrayer. Sushma talks to Saumya over the call assuring her the babies are fine unaware that Prisha and Armaan is there. Prisha signs at Armaan. They both goes to Sushma.

Armaan snatches the phone from Sushma and asks her who she is talking to. Sushma gets shocked. Saumya gets confused and calls Sushma. Armaan gets furious and throws Sushma’s phone on the floor and tells that he was upset and angry with the outsiders for betraying him but failed to realise his own family members are against him. Harsh comes there and tells Sushma that they have to support Armaan because it’s about their family reputation. He also asks her to leave the house if she wants to support Saumy. Prisha gets happy.

Goldy meets Saumya and tells her that he knows she must be worried about fighting a case against Armaan which must be unpleasant after what happened but she has to stay strong. Saumya tells that she is worried what her babies will do because the milk which she sent her is going to finish in a day and now Goldy can’t able to go to Oberoi mansion also because Armaan knows Goldy is with her side. She tells that she has to find a way because she can’t let her kids suffer due to hunger. Shilpi comes there and tells she is will find a way to give the milk to the babies also it will be easier for her to go to Oberoi mansion because Armaan will be in the court. Saumya praises her and jokes at her for becoming smart. Armaan talks to Mr.Bhatra and asks him about the nature of this case with Harsh and Prisha by his side.

Mr.Bhatra tells Armaan the babies are too young so the court may take Saumya’s side but they have to find a way to turn them on their favor. He also suggests Armaan to stay away from Prisha for a while. Armaan agrees and asks Prisha to do the same and the latter also agrees. Armaan then asks the lawyer to let him defend the case because he knows how to provoke Saumya. The lawyer agrees to do it. Shilpi comes and gives the milk to the nannies. Sushma thanks them for hiding this truth from Armaan. She then asks the babies to pray to God that they get their mother back.

In the court both Armaan and Saumya waits for the judge to arrive. The judge asks Goldy to start his side of defence. Goldy tells the judge about Armaan trapping Saumya and marrying her then having an affair with Saumya’s cousin Prisha also snatching the babies from her and threatening to never let her meet her babies if she don’t accept his affair with Prisha. Judge asks Mr.Bhatra about his saying. Mr.Bhatra says that Armaan will defend himself. Armaan comes forward and tells the judge he is feeling sorry for himself to go through all these allegations. He also tells he never had an affair with anyone also Saumya is the one who suggested to hire Prisha as his PA. He further tells that he helped Saumya’s father and her sister also financially when they are under crisis and provides documents for the same.

He also adds that Saumya got the opportunity to write a story as a main writer because the story is produced by under Oberoi production house and calls himself as an ideal husband. Goldy tells it’s not any ideal husband show to prove themselves. Armaan refuses to let Saumya speak for herself. Goldy provides the bills of the suite which Armaan booked for himself and Prisha but Armaan uses it on his favour and demands Saumya to provide proof against him to prove him guilty. Goldy questions Armaan what Prisha is doing in the suite at that time shocking Armaan and Harsh.

Precap: Armaan pleads the judge to give him his babies to him. Saumya loses her cool and says she don’t want anything from Armaan and pleads the judge to give her her babies.

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