Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 17th June 2022 Written Update: Saumya impresses Veena


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 17th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veena asks the man do they have guarantee about their life then how come she can able to give guarantee about the TV show. She further tells the man she cant promise him about anything. She then asks her PA to return the deposit the man they have provided her. She then asks her PA is she have any other meeting. Her PA points at Saumya. Veena goes to her room. Saumya follows her. Veena asks her to tell her what she wants to say. Saumya introduces herself but Veena asks her to tell her about for what reasons she is here.

Saumya tells that she can give life to a story which she is writing. Veena asks her to tell her how she is sure about it and asks her to tell the reason behind her words by prove to her. Saumya tells that she written a famous show and tells it’s name. Veena tells her it’s her past and asks her to take the script which is on the table and asks her to prove it by making changes in that script. Saumya changes the script which Veena likes it. Veena then demands her to write a scene based on a script within twenty minutes and says she will take rest until then. Saumya starts writing a script.

 In Oberoi mansion Harsh yells Armaan that he talked to all the lawyer’s and they all told one thing that it’s not easy to separate a mother from her babies especially when they are too young and they have to wait until they grow up. Armaan tells Harsh nothing comes easily and the one that comes easily called as charity. He gives charity to people but won’t be the one to be in the receiving end. Prisha comes there. He tells that he will do everything in his power to defeat Saumya and for that he needs her help. Prisha agrees to help him which makes Armaan happy.

Veena opens her eyes and sees Saumya is infront of her and mocks her asking is she is still here. She then takes a script from Saumya’s hand and reads the scene written by Saumya and gets impressed by it. She tells Saumya that she is ready to hire her but there are few conditions and tells her that she will make changes in the scenes whenever she wants to also tells her name will not be mentioned because her job role is just an assistant writer not the main writer. Saumya gets shocked but recalls Goldie’s words about her needing money to fight against Armaan who will definitely give her hard times. Saumya agrees to Veena’s conditions.

 Later Saumya pampers her baby’s and plays with them. She then starts writing the scenes Veena asked her to write it. Malini brings food for Saumya and the latter asks her to keep that away she will have it after she finishes her work. Malini refuses and feeds her Saumya saying she is her baby. The next day Armaan and Prisha on their way to somewhere on the car. Prisha learns through her mother that Saumya is going somewhere taking the baby’s with her.

Armaan tells Prisha that what he is going to do is going to put Saumya in more trouble and kisses her hand for being there to help him. Saumya and Shilpi reaches the hospital. The auto rickshaw driver tells he don’t have a change so Shilpi goes to bring it. Saumya receives a call from Veena who asks her to make some changes in the scenes which she sent it to her. Saumya requests that she will talk to her in few minutes but Veena threatens her with the salary so Saumya locks the stroller in which the baby’s are kept and starts noting down the points Veena is saying in her diary.

Prisha covers herself and unlocks the stroller then leaves the place. The stroller starts moving towards a busy road. Saumya gets shocked seeing it so she drops everything from her hand and goes to stop the stroller before the baby’s gets hurt. Armaan comes there and stops the stroller from moving further. He scolds Saumya for being irresponsible.

The people on the road surrounds Armaan and Saumya. Saumya defends herself saying she locked the stroller but dont know how it unlocked on it’s own. Armaan instigates the crowd against Saumya. The crowd starts accusing Saumya for being irresponsible. Armaan asks Saumya what is the need to bring the  baby’s out. Saumya tells him about the baby’s vaccination schedule.

Armaan tells that he is worried to leave the baby’s with her as she showed everyone her truth about her irresponsible behavior. Shilpi sends the crowd away from there. Armaan tells that he is going to take the baby’s with him. Saumya refuses reminding him about the court order but the latter reminds her the order states he gets one hour everyday. He then takes the babies with him. Saumya tells Veena the reason behind her disconnecting the call. Veena warns her to not to mess both her personal life and professional life. She also asks her to send the final copies by next day.

 Prisha tells Armaan that she was worried but she knows he will be there so nothing will happen to his baby’s. Armaan tells he will never let anything happen to his baby’s but Saumya will pay for everything for going against him. Saumya sits to write a script. She recalls locking the stroller and wonders how it get unlocked and thinks why she is having a feeling someone is doing something but she failed to find it and looks on.

Precap: Goldie puts a camera with the babies and tells Saumya she can able to watch her baby’s every move. Armaan tells Prisha that they have to be more careful now and tells her it’s all about their timing. Prisha locks Saumya inside the room and goes to the baby’s in her disguised look. Saumya demands the person who locked her to open the door and warns the person to not to touch her baby’s.

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