Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Oberoi’s seeks financial help from other’s to save Jashan and Jahan


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan telling Saumya that now the kids send her out of the room and he is willing to use the kids to send her out of the house. He also tells that the kids will never accept her as their mother. Saumya says just because knocking a closed door of the house once doesn’t mean there is no one inside the house to open the door. She also talks about the differences between love and hate. She then tells Armaan that soon her kids will accept her love after she makes them realising it the same way both Prisha and Harsh. She also tells him by the time the kids understands her love he will left with no one then leaves the place.

Saumya cries in her house and asks God to give her strength to overcome the hatred the kids have on her. Shilpi sits beside Saumya’s side and tells her the kids are too young but they will realise the love she has for them so asks her not to lose hope. Someone enters Jashan and Jahan’s room and approaches the kids who are sleeping peacefully. The next day Saumya goes to Oberoi’s mansion. She searches for the kids in their room but finds they aren’t there. She thinks they are hiding themselves so she calls them to come out but realises she isn’t receiving any response. She asks them to stop playing with their mother like this and comes downstairs.

 After seeing the kitchen she thinks the kids must be hiding there but she dont find them which makes her worry. Sushma and Harsh asks Saumya about her worry filled face. Saumya tells them the kids are nowhere so she is scared. Sushma and Harsh gets shocked but assures the kids must be playing outside the lawn and calls the security. The security informs the kids aren’t outside. Harsh checks his room and tells the kids aren’t there too. Saumya gets worried.

Sushma and Harsh tells to each other that Armaan must have taken the kids outside with him so they asks Saumya to try not to worry until Armaan returns. Armaan comes there and Saumya goes him asking about where the kids are. Is they went with him in his jogging session. Armaan asks Saumya to stop asking stupid crazy questions like this saying that he didn’t take the kids out with him. He then asks her what happened. A shocked Saumya tells him the kids aren’t in the house and they checked all the rooms though.

 Armaan gets shocked and asks her what is she saying. He then receives a call from the kidnapper who tells him that Jashan and Jahan is with him only. Inorder return the kids they have to give him twenty five crores. Armaan gets shocked but then threatens the kidnapper to not to do anything to his kids. He also tells that he will not believe unless the kidnapper let him talk to his kids. The kidnapper gives the headphone to Jashan and Jahan. They both cries and pleads Armaan to save them because they don’t feel they are safe around the kidnapper. Before the kids talk to Armaan the kidnapper snatches the headphones and tells Armaan that he want twenty five lakhs within twenty four hours. He also adds Armaan to not to involve the police in this matter then disconnects the call.

Saumya asks Armaan who he was talking to on the phone call. Armaan tells the kids gets kidnapped also the kidnappers are demanding twenty five crores from him. Saumya and the family members gets shocked. Saumya suggests to take the police help but Armaan refuses saying they can’t risk their kids life so they have to do something to arrange money to save the kids.

Armaan checks his bank balance and finds fifty lakhs only available so he goes to Saumya and asks her to give him the money which he invested in the show they are working together and he can’t risk his kids to be suffered because of this reason. Saumya tells Armaan even she wants to save the kids but they have to be practical because the amount the kidnappers demand them will not be satisfied by what he suggests him to do.

 Armaan and Harsh starts calling everyone they knows but all of them turns them down. Armaan gets angry and upset with himself for unable to find a way to save the kids. He calls himself as a failure. Saumya asks Armaan to not to lose hope. Sushma and Harsh gives the jewellery and papers of the house and asks Armaan to mortgage it. They all thinks all these money aren’t enough to save the kids.

Later Shilpi asks Saumya to take her savings which she is sure will help her arrange the money the kidnappers are asking from them. Saumya refuses first but gives in after Shilpi pleads with her. Goldie comes there and says to Saumya that one of the person agreed to give loan to Saumya’s novel. He then shares his suspicions about the kids getting kidnapped even after all the tight securities are in the Oberoi mansion.

Saumya tells him there are workers Armaan unable to pay salary so they left the job. Goldie suggests to use the CCTV footage. He also adds that they can’t blindly trust the kidnapper’s words because he can do anything with the kids even after they give him the money. Saumya agrees with Goldie’s words and tells him to tag along with her to discuss about their plan B.

Precap: Saumya tells the Oberoi’s the one who kidnapped the kids knows everything about this family. Armaan tells its Prisha who must have kidnapped the kids. Saumya confronts Prisha also threatens her and the latter looks on confused.

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